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Meet the Crew

Grim's Best and Brightest

Grim Workshop prides itself on the quality, and ingenuity of our tools, but also the quality of those we work the closest with. We work with the best, and brightest  in their fields to bring you some of the most unique equipment we offer. Meet the crew we turn to, to help us make the best gear we can, our most valued partners,  testers, and our signature card recipients. 

Meet the crew

Bob Hansler & Huck

Bob Hansler, is a certified bad-ass ( as is his entire family, and if they made a certification for badassery, he’d have it) Bob Holds just about every survival, and first aid certification one can, if there’s an emergency in the wild, he’s definitely the person you want by your side. Bob doesn’t just have the knowledge, he’s always ready to put his skills to the test as an expert in Bushcraft,  Wilderness Survival, Wilderness First Aid, a Wilderness First Responder, and Primitive Skills expert, as well as a certified shooting instructor, and is a trail guide in the Davis Mountains. Bobs former life as a Biologist, and Teacher aids him in his understanding of the natural world around him, as well as in his work with the kids in the Scouts. Bob is also an experienced Horseman, Farrier, Blacksmith, as well as a Leather worker. Bob has been a lifetime advocate of Boy Scouts, and is an Eagle Scout himself, so his entire life has been about the wilderness, and all it’s inner workings, and giving his knowledge and experience to anyone he can, which is one of the reasons, hes one of Grim’s go-to guys when we have a new tool we want checked by an expert. Check out Bobs Signature Card with Grim HERE


Bobs ever present companion Huck. Hes seen more and done more than most dogs could ever dream, he’s climbed mountains, and rode the rapids always by Bobs side! Not only is he an official part of our crew, but he also sports our gear wherever he goes. Huck gives a new definition to dog tag, wearing our tools right on his collar.

 For more information and to follow Bob, and Huck on their adventures in the wilds of Texas, visit his youtube Channel HERE

Zachary Fowler "Fowler"

zachary fowler expert bushcraft survival slingshot hunting fishing

Zachary Fowler, inventor extraordinaire, or as everyone refers to him, Fowler, is a Bushcraft mad scientist and  is a master with the slingshot, literally. This is one of the reasons we turn to him when we've got a really unusual idea that needs a out of the box thinker! You send him out into the woods with only a slingshot, and he’ll survive as long as he wants, and end up making some pretty awesome contraptions while he’s at it. Fowler was an adventurer and nature lover since childhood. His early life, was spent as a classic wooden boat builder in Maine, so Fowler is an incredible woodworker, and builder, which aids him greatly in the bush, it doesn’t matter what he’s doing, hes always thinking of some kind of invention to make things eventful when he’s in the bush. Slingshot band powered paddleboat to catch fish? Check! For many years he lived in a yurt, leading a self-reliant lifestyle on his homestead in the woods, that he loved so much. Fowler went on as a contestant on Alone Season 3, which pitted him up against 9 other wilderness, survival, and Bushcraft experts in a last man standing competition to find out who the ultimate woodsman was. Fowler went on to become the winner of Alone Season 3, surviving for 87 days alone in the wilderness of Patagonia, setting a record for days spent in the wild, and outlasting the 9 other competitors and with only ten items to aid him in this, one of them, was his trusty slingshot. Zach has used his slingshot as a survival tool on a regular basis, demonstrating how useful a tool like this can be in the wild, feeding himself with this trusty tool. Zach is also a competitive shooter with his slingshot, taking part in, and winning multiple slingshot tournaments and competitions. Check out Fowlers Signature Card from Grim HERE  To follow Fowler on his adventures, check out his Youtube channel HERE

Wayne Russell "Kull Craven"

Bushcraft and survival Expert Wayne Russel, who has over 35 years of practical Outdoor and Survival experience  in the Canadian Bush, this is one of the reasons we turn to him when we've got a new tool coming. Wayne is a Instructor of Survival skills and an avid Outdoorsman. Wayne shares his skills as well as tips and tricks and gear with his social media followers, and students. Deep in the Canadian wilderness Wayne hones, and demonstrates his skills. Check out Waynes Signature Card made by Grim HERE You can find out some more information, as well as see his adventures on his youtube channel found HERE

Jordan Jonas

jordan jonas survival bushcraft expert first aid hunting fishing trapping

Jordan Jonas, who’s done everything from ride cross country in abandoned box cars with his brother, to living with a tribe of reindeer hearding nomads in sibera, so if its out there, he’s probably done it. Jordan is also the winner of season 6 of History Channels Alone series by surviving 77 days in the frozen tundra, nearly tying the record of 87 days, held by Zachary Fowler, whos also in the Grim crew.In his time in the tundra, he not only demonstrated his hunting skill and felled a moose with a traditional recurve bow, but he defended his kill from wild wolverines, fighting one to the death with an axe. Jordan also wove a gill net by hand, as well as trapped and snared dozens of wild animals to feed himself for the months he spent out there.  This is just a small bit of what makes him a survival and wilderness expert, and a Grim Signature Card recipient, Jordan also lived with the Evenki people, who are a native tribe that live a nomadic lifestyle herding reindeer in the wilds of Siberia. Jordan lived, and learned many of the skills he utilizes while with the Evenki reindeer herders, who use these skills  for their everyday survival.Jordan has lived a wild life, from traveling and riding on train cars with his brother, to getting chased around a field by an angry reindeer named “Tyson” or narrowly dodging a flying hatchet, (yes, it actually happened, check out his channel for proof)  his skills are second to none when it comes to surviving off the land and utilizing what nature, and life gives you to its fullest. Check out Jordan's signature card made by Grim HERE Follow Jordan on his adventures on his youtube channel HERE 

Woniya Thibeault

Woniya Thibeault, give her a squirrel ,or a rabbit ,and  she’ll turn it into a scarf, or a pair of gloves. Waste not, want not is a saying she lives by, and she believes in using everything nature provides her to it’s fullest. Woniya is skilled in animal processing, hide tanning and leather work, woodworking, and many other ancient and ancestral skills. Woniya creates hand made Buckskin clothing, and other functional goods from foraging and hunting, and using everything provided for her by nature to its maximum capacity.  For her, the use and mastery of many nearly forgotten skills has become an everyday experience. She has been studying and teaching these arts since the late 1990's, and draws on her Masters degree in Environmental Science to combine a deep understanding of the natural world with the practical applications.Woniya was the runner up on History Channel's Alone: Season 6, surviving for 73 days in the frozen arctic. Her hunting, crafting and hide tanning skills as essential to her success in the challenging environment she learned to love. See Woniyas Signature card made by Grim HERE For more about Woniya, check out her Buckskin Revolution website and Youtube channel HERE. Her offerings provide not just a learning experience, but a deeper appreciation for the natural world.


Callie Russell "Cajun Sparkle"

Callie Russell, her love of the outdoors is only matched by her love of her goats! Callies easy smile and positive attitude are infectious, she lives a nomadic lifestyle, taking care of her heard of pack goats, while at the same time, they take care of her. Living outside has allowed her to become proficient in many ancestral skills. Callie’s focus has been in backcountry animal processing, hide tanning, felting, basket weaving and gathering plants for medicine, food and art. When she is not wandering in the mountains, her time is filled with her many other jobs. Callie tracks mountain lions every winter for a conservation project and works with a hunting guide packing goats in and out of the bush. She also leads backcountry trips and teaches a variety of workshops. She enjoys empowering others to develop their connection to the wild world and shares her skills with kids at several nature connection schools. For more about Callie check out her website HERE, or finder her on social media HERE

Roland Welker "The 100 day King"

Roland spent his early life in the Appalachian Mountains of Shiloh, PA, assisting his family working the coal mines. This is where he learned to operate nearly every piece of heavy machinery imaginable. By age twelve he was assisting his uncle in the fur trade and learning all the skills and inner workings that go along with it. Rolands life reads like an adventure novel, and its no surprise his plethora of life experience would lead him to both setting the record for days spent in the wilderness on History Channels Alone series at 100 days, but also winning season 7 of Alone and winning the biggest prize they have ever offered, of a million dollars. for more about Roland's adventures visit his website HERE you can also follow him on Youtube as well as social media.

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