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Olivia Meighan "The Irish Survival Podcast"

Olivia Meighan Ambassador Profile

Olivia Meighan, officially the youngest member of the Grim Crew, is exactly who we think of, whenever we think of what we look for in an Ambassador to partner with!  At just 13 years old Olivia joined the Grim Crew becoming the youngest Ambassador we've ever had here at Grim Workshop. Olivia has been an outdoor enthusiast as long as she can remember, but this young self starter not only loves the outdoors but she loves talking about it as well!


 Olivia is from Ireland, and one of the few international ambassadors for Grim Workshop. Olivia always enjoyed the outdoors and even was a member of the Scouts, but in her words "I left because i was learning more about duck-duck-goose than actual survival skills" so Olivia set out to teach herself about the things that she wasn't being taught. 

At just 12 years old Olivia began her own Instagram page, podcast, and blog where she reviews gear, demonstrates, and explains various skills from urban prepper tips, to bushcraft and survival information. 

For a truly unique perspective from the next generation of survival, and to show your support for a young self starter, check out her podcast, blog, and instagram pages. 



Check out Olivias Podcasts HERE

Check out Olivias Instagram page HERE