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Grim Workshop

        As unique as the men and women who carry our gear, our company was founded deep in the heart of Texas, by a lifelong Tradesman, a knife maker, an Artist, a Rancher, a Farmer, and the hardest job of all, a Mother. That means we make functional tools, that look great, and are all designed from different perspectives, which means we don’t stick a bottle opener and multi wrench on everything, we create tools as diverse as we are. We run a 5th generation homestead in Texas, We get dirty, sweat, swear, and like our tools, we get the job done.
American Manufacturing

       Grim Workshop is an American owned and operated brand who’s products are carried by soldiers, Hunters, Tradesmen, outdoor enthusiasts, and many, many more.

Our mission?

To create tools as unique as the people who carry them, and like those people, our tools are always changing. We spare no expense, and make no compromises when it comes to our tools, and their quality. We don’t mass produce our products, we manufacture each tool in small batch runs, that allow us to constantly evolve, and adapt our tools to our users needs.

All of our steel tools are designed, engineered, and many produced in Texas, but everything is made in the U.S.A, and every piece of gear with our name on it, has our warranty on it as well.

Our tools were designed under three principals

  • be reusable - Grim’s custom fabricated Tool Retention System allows you to return any removable parts to their original position. We want you to experiment, and learn with them.

  • be compact - Grim’s tools are all designed to be stored perfectly flat, and come in at just 1mm thick on average. We want you to be able to always have them where they matter, which is with you.

  • be functional - we use the highest quality 400 series stainless steel, hardened for extra durability, and as diverse in design as our customers. We want them to last, for years to come, and be able to be used, abused, and put away for use another day. 

       Each Grim Tool is created to be carried by anyone, at anytime, without any extra considerations needed. a credit card tool in a parents wallet, one of our dog tag tools on a soldiers neck, a micro tool on a students keychain, or a small tin of tools in a backpack, or strapped to a kayak or bike. Each tool we make is specially designed to be wearable, durable, compact, reusable, and lightweight, but most of all, functional. What you need, Where you need it most. (which is with you)

       Whether our products are used to save space, save time, or save a life, Grim’s got a tool for that.

Grim Workshop, What’s in your pocket?