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Biko Wright About

Biko Wright "Biko the Mountain Troll"


Biko Wright From alone season 8 Signature Survival Card

Biko Wright of Otis, Oregon is a very unique soul. Biko is not only an expert outdoorsman and survivalist, but also an accomplished musician, singer, and runner up on season 8 of history channels Alone series.

Biko grew up in a family of nature lovers, and survivalists, so from childhood he was emersed into the outdoors learning to live off the land, and using basic survival skills regularly, something many don't learn until much later in life like hunting, spearfishing, and many other skills.

Bikos skills were passed down to him primarily from his father, a Los Angelas sheriff's seargeant and Marine veteran, who learned his skills from his father as a child in Fiji, so many of Bikos skills come from several generations of knowledge passed down. 

 Bikos other passion, music, is also far back in his bloodline. Bikos grandparents are blues  musicians in New Orleans and he formed his first band at the age of 9, going on to be the lead singer of one of the top LA area local metal bands Sirion, and is currently part of  the folk band Endelos in Oregon. 


Biko Wright From alone season 8 Signature Survival Card


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