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Bill Roque "Bourbon Bill"

Bill Roque "Bourbon Bill" Ambassador Profile

Bill Roque Also known as "Bourbon Bill" or "Sparrow Bushcraft" was raised in an old country resort between the Catskills and Ponoco Mountains. He grew up with no Tv, phones, or internet and so was naturally pulled to the outdoors where his love nature was found. 

Bill spent time hiking, and horseback riding, where he picked up many basic skills while still a child that many don't master until later in life. Bill had access to a huge library of books, family members who had knowledge of hunting and other skills, and the desire to fill in the blanks himself through trial and error. 

Many of the skills Bill utilized as a kid are still shown today, for instance the lean to shelters he builds now are still the same style he built as a kid, then a trial, now second nature to him. The things he made as a child for fun and exploration as an adult still held that same fun and wonderment, but also represented so much more than that, they represented a skillset he could always fall back on both in life, as well as in an emergency. This goes for everything from shelter building, to fire-craft foraging, and making tools and other objects. 

Life took Bill down various lanes but eventually he found himself right back to Sparrowbush New York where he started, in the woods, enjoying nature, and the outdoors as he once did as a child. 

Bills theory is the best tool you have is the one that's with you, be it knowledge, the ability to improvise a tool,  or the items in your pockets or pack.

If you like Coffee, Bourbon, and Bushcraft, Bills definatly your man. So give him a follow and see what he's all about, you won't regret it! 

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