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Bushcraft Kelso & Bushcraft Sassy

bushcraft kelso

The Bushcraft Mad Scientist himself Bushcraft Kelso, worked with us to create this signature tool card. Bushcraft Kelso has created everything but a car, from commonly found, and improvised materials. Hes an expert in bushcraft, but his drive to create is what makes him so fascinating to us, and a natural addition to the Signature Card line of tools. 

Buschraft Kelso has created everything from a working fishing rod and reel out of nothing but wood, to a crossbow from river cane, and everything in-between.  Kelso takes "out of the box" thinking to a new level, incorporating bits of modern materials (usually items people would consider "trash") and naturally aquired materials as well to create truly unique items to aid him in the bush. 

bushcraft kelso and sassy

When he's in the woods, Bushcraft kelso often has his constant companion "Sassy" with him. Sassy is the one and only bushcraft goat, she keeps Kelso company, and totes gear around for them both. 

All of Bushcraft Kelso's incredible bushcraft inventions are only his for a short time, before he usually gifts them to someone to have their turn with them. For him, it's about having a good time, and if he can share that with others, then he's having a good time. 

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or check out Kelso's website, which includes several awesome handmade items HERE

bushcraft kelso signature card