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Callie Russell "Cajun Sparkel"

Callie Russell, her love of the outdoors is only matched by her love of her goats! Callies easy smile and positive attitude are infectious, she lives a nomadic lifestyle, taking care of her heard of pack goats, while at the same time, they take care of her. 

Living outside has allowed her to become proficient in many ancestral skills. Callie’s focus has been in backcountry animal processing, hide tanning, felting, basket weaving and gathering plants for medicine, food and art. When she is not wandering in the mountains, her time is filled with her many other jobs. Callie tracks mountain lions every winter for a conservation project and works with a hunting guide packing goats in and out of the bush. She also leads backcountry trips and teaches a variety of workshops. Callie enjoys empowering others to develop their connection to the wild world and shares her skills with kids at several nature connection schools. 

For more about Callie check out her website HERE, or finder her on social media HERE