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Gabe Giovannetti "Gabe of all Trades"

Gabe Giovannetti Ambassador Profile

Gabe Giovannetti "Gabe of all Trades"

At just 14 Gabe Giovannetti also known as "Gabe of all trades" is one of the youngest people to ever join the Grim Crew, but don't dismiss him because of his age Gabe (now 15) has been hunting, fishing, building live traps, and bushcrafting just about since he could walk. Many of the others on the Grim Crew, like Dave Canterbury and Bushcraft Kelso, have been inspiring Gabe for a long time and now he finds himself among them within the crew we've hand picked to be our ambassadors, and signature card recipients. Gabe practices bushcrafting and survival techniques regularly specializing in primitive technology including primitive traps, and fishing implements as well as improvised tools like a knife and tool sheath made from a reclaimed ratchet strap. 

Gabe Giovannetti "Gabe of all Trades"

Gabe learned much of what he knows from his father, who took him hunting and fishing, and taught him how to set traps teaching him all the ethics that go along with that.

Gabe is an experienced craftsman, and leatherworker, creating his own forge from an old brake drum, some rebar, round pipe, and a hairdryer. From then on, it was only a matter of time before this young man began creating knives and other tools as fast as he could.

Gabe makes up for his youth and inexperience with more enthusiasm and work ethic than most people twice his age which is why he's already an instructor at age 15, and was a natural choice for us to ask to be a Grim Ambassador. 

Help show this promising young person your support by following his social media channels, and seeing what an amazing person we saw in him when we selected him to be an Ambassador for Grim Workshop and part of our crew, though at 14 he's just getting started, we already can see what a promising young man he is! 

With all his enthusiasm, and the wonderment he brings to everything he does Gabes channel feels like a young mans adventure exploring the outdoors (and it is) It's not one to be missed, and this young mans got a promising future.

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Check out Gabes Youtube channel HERE