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Johan Noordenbos "Sheep Living Skills"

Grim Workshop Ambassador Profile

Johan Noordenbos is a fifty-year-old man from the Netherlands who was too stubborn to ever grow up, which is one of the things we like so much about him! We love the way he approaches every new task with wonderment, and curiosity making each new thing he does as exciting for us, as it is for him! 

Johan using Grim Workshops EDC knife to carve his next bushcraft project

Johan was raised primarily by his grandparents, his grandfather who survived forced labor during WW2 managed to still be one of the most optimistic human beings he has ever met, and greatly influenced the man he would become. Johans Grandfather was a true tinkerer at heart, he loved using recycled, and reclaimed items to create whatever he needed and made most of the tools he used. He was a skilled self-taught carpenter, and leather worker even making items from his hand crank sewing machine and other improvised tools, many of which Johan still uses for his own projects. 

Johan and his Grandfather processed their own timber, using a home made mill, hunted with handmade crossbows, and spent their time fishing whenever possible, to put  food on the table. Many of the things some people aspire to "try for fun"  were day to day tasks for him, and necessary skills.

This sense of wonder and adventure that always filled his time led Johan to encompass that same sense of optimism, and wonderment in everything he seems to do which made him a natural choice for us at Grim Workshop. As soon as you meet him, you instantly like him, and can't wait to see what he's going to do next! 

And as much as we enjoy seeing what new creations Johan will come up with (From gear pouches made from used bike tires, to crossbows made from our slingshots) Johan seems to enjoy the spark of creativity many of our tools give him.

These are just a few of the reasons, we love working with someone like Johan, he's as curious about everything he does as we are! 

For a truly unique take on bushcraft, survival, and the outdoors follow this nature lover, and natural born tinkerer and you'll be as amazed as we are with him. 

Follow Johans adventures HERE