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Survival Cards Proudly Made in the USA for Nearly a Decade

Survival Cards Proudly Made in the USA for Nearly a Decade

Grim Survival Cards and EDC tools are proudly made in the USA, but what does that mean exactly? To us having tools that are made in the USA isn't just a bonus, or a tagline, we want our tools made in the USA because we want superior quality, superior craftsmanship, and because we care about American manufacturing. What does it take to make a usa made multi tool? Unfortunately, a lot, but luckily for us we've created over a hundred types of USA made multi tools already, and no plan to stop anytime soon.

Grim Workshop tools that are made in the usa Proudly Made in the USA Tools for EDC and Survival

from conception, to prototyping, manufacturing, and even our steel is sourced right here in the USA. Buying Grim Survival Cards supports not just small businesses but also American Manufacturing. 

Grim Workshop tools that are made in the usa Proudly Made in the USA Tools for EDC and Survival

An Idea is Texas

Each tool here at Grim Workshop has humble beginnings here at our 5th generation homestead deep in the heart of Texas. Each tool starting in one of the many notebooks you can find around the shop. Each notebook is piled high with new ideas from notes scribbled at 3am to detailed drawings that have been pined over for days, each tool is born in a humble notebook, which we're never far from. After that, we move on to digital drawings, and 3-d renderings done here at Grim Workshop before we ever actually put our hands on a physical tool

Grim Workshop Proudly Made in the USA Tools for EDC and Survival

The Prototyping, Still in the USA

Each Grim Workshop tool first has it's components individually created, some by hand, some by machine, and tested for function, here at Grim Workshop then the components are put into a physical prototype of what the finished item would look like. Some prototypes are created by machine, some created by hand (we're pretty handy around here)  We commonly make several different prototype variations to see which we like the best functionally. 


The Right Materials...Found in the USA

We use American Sourced steel for all our products (No cheap chinese steel here) it's important to us to understand exactly what type of steel is used in our tools, since they are so small and compact, we need them to be the highest quality. We go the extra mile and fully harden all of our tools for even higher strength and durability within the finished product to be sure it can hold up to whatever you have to throw at it.

Grim Workshop EDC Tools Proudly Made in the USA

The Finished Result is a USA Made Multi Tool

Once the final product is decided and the materials are selected, we move on to actual production. We produce some parts with our US based manufacturers and others are produced right  here at Grim Workshop. All our products are created in small batch runs to help control the quality, but also because we value feedback from you and other customers. We regularly here suggestions on improvements from you guys and we implement them regularly adjusting our tools, adding, and even sometimes removing items based on feedback and suggestions but always moving forward to improve what we offer and striving each day, to create tools that are even better than the day before. 

Grim Workshop, Nearly a Decade Making Survival Cards.

For close to a decade, Grim Workshop has been at the forefront of crafting innovative and high-quality EDC tools and survival gear. Grim specializes in our survival cards, dog tag survival necklace, and micro tools. Our commitment to excellence is underscored by our ongoing collaboration with experts in their field. These collaborations have been a testament to our dedication to precision, functionality, and the expertise that goes into every product we create. As we continue to evolve, our enduring commitment to producing top-notch survival tools remains unwavering, ensuring that our customers are equipped with the very best for their outdoor adventures.

Grim Workshop Proudly Made in the USA Tools for EDC and Survival