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Grim Tool Retention System.

The Worlds First Perfectly Flat Reusable Tools

Grim's Tool Retention System allows the user to remove one of our tools from one of our Credit Card Tools, Dog Tag Tools, or Micro Tools and return them back onto their original position in the tool holder when done, Making our tools all uniquely reusable.


Non Magnetic, Non Adhesive

Grim's tool retention system bonds to the tools attached to it, holding it similarly to how an adhesive would feel, however it's a non adhesive material (so no sticky gunk on your gear.). Our Tool Retention System is also non magnetic, which means no concern over de-magnetized credit cards with our Credit Card Tools if they're stashed in your wallet, and  no Dog Tag Tools sticking to things when they brush against them or Micro Tools sticking to keys and other objects on your keyrings. 

Grim's Tool Retention System was designed to stick specifically to our tools, and allow them to bond to the card base, sticking like an adhesive would, yet leaving no residue behind. Below you can see an example of this. 


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