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What is Everyday Carry?

What is Everyday Carry?

At the most basic level, your everyday carry (or EDC) are the items you carry with you every day, your everyday essentials.  What you need at the most basic level to never be without to accomplish your daily life as effectively as possible. Every day, we encounter something new - some new thing that could change us for the better or worse, and everyday carry is about being prepared for either.


What is Everyday Carry? Everyday carry gear everyday carry survival kits and urban everyday carry loadouts.

What is Everyday Carry? Typically Everyday Carry Items Falls Into these Categories. 

  • NECESSITY – Minimal edc Items you cannot accomplish your daily tasks without these are your must have everyday carry items. For many people these edc items include their phone or keys, for example, you couldn't get to work without the keys to your car for example are all necessary edc options.
  • UTILITY - These everyday carry items help you be better at tasks you commonly find yourself needing to tackle. A knife, screwdriver, or flashlight are excellent examples of utility items you might find in a person's edc setup. 
  • PREPAREDNESS - these everyday carry items are for events you don't expect to  encounter, however, if you do these items might be invaluable to the point of being able to save the day, or perhaps even save a life. This may include edc options for Personal emergencies like ripping your pants down the middle, or locking yourself out, to  major disasters like a tornado. A first aid kit, sewing kit, small survival kit, extra set of clothes cash, or lockpicks are all examples of everyday carry tools you might carry in preparation for an unexpected emergency. 
  • VERSATILITY - Why carry three items when you can carry one item that does all three things? This is another commonly found element in many pieces of everyday carry gear and one reason why Multitools make up so many peoples' everyday carry kits. Multi Tools, keychain tools, and wallet tools are all versatile edc options. 
  • PORTABILITY - Everyday carry items are usually with you every day, so typically they need to be portable, be it lightweight, or space-efficient, since you've only got so much room for the items you need. This is why often you see many minimalist everyday carry items as well as  being keychain, wallet, or pocket-sized.
  • FIDGETS - These edc options are typically of no practical use, however, they are items that express your individualism or you just like to have nearby. Lucky charms, special coins, keychains, and other personalized items might fall into this category. 

    At some level everyone already has an edc setup, your phone, wallet, watch, favorite pen, notebook, these are all things that are part of many people's everyday carry gear, however increasingly people feel the need to be more prepared for what they expect everyday as well as for the things they cannot expect to happen and they expand on these basic everyday carry items into something more, a personal edc survival kit for the unexpected. 

    What is Everyday Carry? Everyday carry gear everyday carry survival kits and urban everyday carry loadouts.

    Everyday Carry Gear is Designed to Fulfill these Principals

    DO IT BETTER – EDC options that allow you to react to events that you encounter regularly faster, or more efficiently than most commonly can. an example of this would be upgrading items you already carry or carrying a small knife, or box cutter if you find yourself breaking down boxes often.

    PREPARE FOR THE WORST -  Having an EDC survival kit, or urban survival kit will allow you to handle expected matters and unexpected situations. Your everyday carry items can help tackle tasks others in your shoes couldn't or wouldn't be able to handle. An example of some EDC survival gear  would be having a small flashlight for power outages or an everyday carry first aid kit, or Grim Survival Card.

    MAKE LIFE EASIER -  for some edc options, it's just about convenience. Your phone might have a notebook app you use occasionally, but sometimes it's just easier to pull a small notepad out of your pocket for a quick note or idea, or not have to ask someone for a pen.

    INVESTING IN YOURSELF - investing in everyday carry items that help you to be a better you every day, and being ready to tackle any situation ahead is a state of mind, and it's a good one to be in.



    What is Everyday Carry? Everyday carry gear everyday carry survival kits and urban everyday carry loadouts.


    What are the Best Everyday Carry Tools?

    The important thing to remember is that there is no “best EDC Tools” your everyday carry is what you define it as, and it's different for every person. No two people are alike, and usually, no two EDC setup will be either. A good everyday carry is about including what you need for your day-to-day, the foresight to include items for what could happen, and the wisdom to leave behind what you don't.