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Bob Hansler and Huck

Bob Hansler

Bob Hansler

Bob Hansler, is a certified bad-ass ( as is his entire family, and if they made a certification for badassery, he’d have it) Bob Holds just about every survival, and first aid certification one can, if there’s an emergency in the wild, he’s definitely the person you want by your side. Bob doesn’t just have the knowledge, he’s always ready to put his skills to the test as an expert in Bushcraft,  Wilderness Survival, Wilderness First Aid, a Wilderness First Responder, and Primitive Skills expert, as well as a certified shooting instructor, and is a trail guide in the Davis Mountains.

Bobs Hansler's former life as a Biologist, and Teacher aids him in his understanding of the natural world around him, as well as in his work with the kids in the Scouts. Bob is also an experienced Horseman, Farrier, Blacksmith, as well as a Leather worker. Bob has been a lifetime advocate of Boy Scouts, and is an Eagle Scout himself, so his entire life has been about the wilderness, and all it’s inner workings, and giving his knowledge and experience to anyone he can, which is one of the reasons, hes one of Grim’s go-to guys when we have a new tool we want checked by an expert.

Check out the Bob Hansler Signature Card with Grim HERE

The Bob Hansler Signature Card

Bob Hansler Signature Card

Huck Bob's Best Friend

Bob Hansler's Dog Huck

Bobs ever present companion Huck. He's seen more and done more than most dogs could ever dream, he’s climbed mountains, and rode the rapids always by Bobs side! Not only is he an official part of our crew, but he also sports our gear wherever he goes. Huck gives a new definition to dog tag, wearing our tools right on his collar.

 For more information and to follow Bob, and Huck on their adventures in the wilds of Texas, visit Bob Hanslers youtube Channel HERE