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About the Grim Crew

Grim Workshop's Best and Brightest

Grim Workshop prides itself on the quality, and ingenuity of our wilderness survival tools, but also the quality of those we work the closest with. We work with some of the best, and brightest in their fields including survival specialists in  wilderness survival, jungle survival, primitive survival experts, and more. Grim has worked to bring you some of the most unique equipment we offer. From up and coming stars, and veterans of the bushcraft survival community and shows like alone to World renown survival instructors, and persons who literally live by the methods they teach living in the wilderness for months or years at a time. Meet the crew we turn to, to help us make the best gear we can, from our most valued partners, testers, and our Grim Workshop signature card recipients. 

Meet the Grim crew, our signature card holders, ambassadors, and friends.

Bob Hansler & Huck

Bob Hansler Youtuber, instructor, biologist wilderness survival expert and first responder


Zachary Fowler "Fowler"

Zachary Fowler Alone season 3 winner, professional Youtuber, world class slingshot expert

 zachary fowler expert bushcraft survival slingshot hunting fishing



Wayne Russell "Kullcraven Bushcraft"

Wayne Russell Alone participant, instructor



Jordan Jonas

jordan jonas survival bushcraft expert first aid hunting fishing trapping

Jordan Jonas Alone season six winner, primitive living specialist



Woniya Thibeault


Woniya Thibeault Alone season 6 runner up, leatherworking specialist, founder buckskin revolution


Callie Russell "Cajun Sparkle"

Callie Russell runner up Alone season 7, Ancestral living skills instructor


Roland Welker "The 100 day King"

Roland Welker Alone season 7 winner, professional hunting guide


Bushcraft Kelso

 Bushcraft Kelso, craftsman, Public figure, thingamajig maker


 Dave Canterbury

Dave Canterbury, survival expert, Founder of pathfinder survival, the self reliance outfitters, reality television star, author.

Joe Flowers

 Joe Flowers professional knife designer, jungle expedition guide, zoologist, writer


Biko Wright


Biko Wright, Runner up Alone season 8, bushcrafter, craftsman, lead singer. 

Jamie Burleigh 

Jamie Burleigh, primitive skills instructor, expert trapper, writer, self reliance skills specialist


 Johan Noordenbos

"Sheep Living Skills" 

Anthony Awaken

Outdoorsman, Outdoor Commercial Photographer

Jonathan Burton

"The Bearded Burton"



Gabe Giovannetti

"Gabe of all Trades"

Bill Roque

"Bourbon Bill" of Sparrow Bushcraft



Jamie Boggs

"Burning River Bushcraft"

 DR. Mark "Merriwether" Vorderbruggen

Mark Merriweather credit card size Foraging Tools


Dr. Teimojin Tan