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Zachary Fowler

zachary fowler expert bushcraft survival slingshot hunting fishing

Zachary Fowler, inventor extraordinaire, or as everyone refers to him, Fowler, is a Bushcraft mad scientist and  is a master with the slingshot, literally. This is one of the reasons we turn to him when we've got a really unusual idea that needs a out of the box thinker! You send him out into the woods with only a slingshot, and he’ll survive as long as he wants, and end up making some pretty awesome contraptions while he’s at it.

Fowler was an adventurer and nature lover since childhood. His early life, was spent as a classic wooden boat builder in Maine, so Fowler is an incredible woodworker, and builder, which aids him greatly in the bush, it doesn’t matter what he’s doing, hes always thinking of some kind of invention to make things eventful when he’s in the bush. Slingshot band powered paddleboat to catch fish? Check! For many years he lived in a yurt, leading a self-reliant lifestyle on his homestead in the woods, that he loved so much.

Fowler went on as a contestant on Alone Season 3, which pitted him up against 9 other wilderness, survival, and Bushcraft experts in a last man standing competition to find out who the ultimate woodsman was. Fowler went on to become the winner of Alone Season 3, surviving for 87 days alone in the wilderness of Patagonia, setting a record for days spent in the wild, and outlasting the 9 other competitors and with only ten items to aid him in this, one of them, was his trusty slingshot.

Zach has used his slingshot as a survival tool on a regular basis, demonstrating how useful a tool like this can be in the wild, feeding himself with this trusty tool. Zach is also a competitive shooter with his slingshot, taking part in, and winning multiple slingshot tournaments and competitions. Check out Fowlers Signature Card from Grim HERE  To follow Fowler on his adventures, check out his Youtube channel HERE