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Jordan Jonas

jordan jonas survival bushcraft expert first aid hunting fishing trapping

Jordan Jonas, who’s done everything from ride cross country in abandoned box cars with his brother, to living with a tribe of reindeer hearding nomads in sibera, so if its out there, he’s probably done it.

Jordan is also the winner of season 6 of History Channels Alone series by surviving 77 days in the frozen tundra, nearly tying the record of 87 days, long held by Zachary Fowler, whos also in the Grim crew. In his time in the tundra, he not only demonstrated his hunting skill and felled a moose with a traditional recurve bow, but he defended his kill from wild wolverines, fighting one to the death with an axe (if you think we're joking, we're not, he really did it). Jordan also wove a gill net by hand demonstrating their usefulness, as well as his own skill, as well as trapped and snared dozens of wild animals to feed himself for the months he spent out there.  

This is just a small bit of what makes him a survival and wilderness expert, and a Grim Signature Card recipient, Jordan also lived with the Evenki people, who are a native tribe that live a nomadic lifestyle herding reindeer in the wilds of Siberia. Jordan lived, and learned many of the skills he utilizes while with the Evenki reindeer herders, who use these skills  for their everyday survival.

Jordan has lived a wild life, from traveling and riding on train cars with his brother, to getting chased around a field by an angry reindeer named “Tyson” or narrowly dodging a flying hatchet, (yes, it actually happened, check out his channel for proof)  his skills are second to none when it comes to surviving off the land and utilizing what nature, and life gives you to its fullest.

Check out Jordan's signature card made by Grim HERE Follow Jordan on his adventures on his youtube channel HERE