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Woniya Thibeault

Woniya Thibeault, give her a squirrel ,or a rabbit, and she’ll turn it into a scarf, or a pair of gloves. Waste not, want not is a saying she lives by, and she believes in using everything nature provides her to it’s fullest. Woniya is skilled in animal processing, hide tanning and leather work, woodworking, and many other ancient and ancestral skills.

Woniya creates incredible hand made Buckskin clothing, and other functional goods from foraging and hunting, and using everything provided for her by nature to its maximum capacity.  For her, the use and mastery of many nearly forgotten skills has become an everyday experience.

Woniya has been studying and teaching these arts since the late 1990's, and draws on her Masters degree in Environmental Science to combine a deep understanding of the natural world with the practical applications.

Woniya was the runner up on History Channel's Alone: Season 6, surviving for 73 days in the frozen arctic. Her hunting, crafting and hide tanning skills as essential to her success in the challenging environment she learned to love.

See Woniyas Signature card made by Grim HERE For more about Woniya, check out her Buckskin Revolution website and Youtube channel HERE. Her offerings provide not just a learning experience, but a deeper appreciation for the natural world.