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What is a Survival Card?

What is a Survival Card

Grim Workshop's Survival Cards are designed to be the ultimate survival kit space saver. Grim Survival cards being the most space efficient accessible, reusable, and functional survival gear systems ever created. What good is a tool if you don't have it when you need it? Each Survival Card contains various items from traditional woodsman gear, to lock picking kits, first aid, and more! Each card is the same size as a standard credit card, Just 1mm thick, and usually weighing in at less than an ounce so that means they can easily remove pounds from a standard hiking pack, survival kit, or bug out bag, allowing more tools for less space and adding hundreds of items creating the ultimate pocket survival kit.

Grim Survival Cards are: 

  • Credit card sized
  • Fit into an Altoids tin
  • Reusable
  • Stick to flat surfaces
  • Ultra lightweight
  • Made from hardened steel
  • Made in the USA

Turn Your Wallet Into a Survival Kit

Grim survival cards were designed to be the same size and thickness as a regular credit card or gift card. This unique feature means that by only taking up only a credit cards worth of space you can add a fishing kit, first aid kit, sewing and repair it, lock picking kit, and more, hundreds of items can fit into your wallet taking only a few cards worth of space, essentially putting a backpack in your pocket. This works out excellent for everyday carry ( EDC ) since after all, when's your wallet not with you? Our survival cards allow you to always have your gear within reach, because they never leave your side. Grim survival cards are your silent partner for whatever life has to throw at you allowing you to survive and thrive in any situation.

The Ultimate Pocket Survival Kit

Grim Survival Cards also fit perfectly into an Altoids tin, or other small containers. This means you can literally fit hundreds of pieces of gear into a pocket sized tin with your other pocket essentials allowing you to put a comprehensive survival kit, worthy of a backpacks worth of items, into your pocket. 

Reusable Tool Kits

Grim edc Survival Card kits are all reusable thanks to our custom fabricated Tool Retention System. We want to see you take your gear out, and get familiar with it, that way when the day comes where an emergency occurs, or you just need to use a piece of gear you are a natural with all your equipment in the card. This unique feature allows you to remove any tool from your card, use it, and then return it back to the card to use again another day. Grim's tool retention system is non magnetic (so no de-magntized credit cards) and non adhesive (so no gunk build up on your gear or wallet).


Always within Reach – Tool Stickers

Grim's survival gear systems also contain a special permanent adhesive on the back of our tool retention system, peeling off the white back, and exposing this allows you to stick our Survival Cards to any flat surface, for instance the inside, or outside of a tool box, fishing tackle box, or other type of kit, like tool stickers adding storage and utility to otherwise unusable spaces filling these locations with the tools of your choice.  

Pounds are Pain - Create the Ultimate Survival Backpack Kit

Grim Survival Card kits on average weigh less than an ounce, yet can in some cases contain dozens of tools. Grim Survival Cards can give you a repair kit, lock picking kit, fishing kit, first aid kit, and more that all weigh slightly more than a standard credit card allowing you to have a backpack toolbox that weighs next to nothing. This feature can literally remove pound so of weight from your gear, without loosing, and in many cases gaining additional utility and function. Grim Survival Cards are fantastic pieces of gear for a beginner getting their first item to go in their wallet, or for an experienced bushman whos looking to carry a lighter pack that takes up less space.

Hyper Tough Multi Tools

Grim Survival Card kits are made from the highest quality stainless steel (and in some cases high carbon steel). Each card is solid steel (except for a few specialty tools) and each survival card is fully hardened for maximum strength, and durability.

The Ultimate Jeep emergency Kit

Grim Survival Cards are excellent jeep survival accessories, a full tin of gear can be tossed into your glovebox until a situation arises where you need it. These universal pocket tools are particularly popular in the off-roading community where you easily find yourself miles out in hard land without an easy way out if your ride breaks down or gets stuck in an unrecoverable position you can grab your Grim Survival Kit out of your jeep tool box and have the tools for survival.

Proudly Made in the USA

Grim Survival Cards from conception, to prototyping, manufacturing, and even our steel is sourced right here in the USA. Buying Grim Survival Cards supports not just small businesses but also American Manufacturing. 

Credit Card Survival Tool Instructions

Each survival card has extensive instructions on its use that can be found directly with the tool, as well as on the tools product page. We try to include written information in the description area, as well as any pertinent videos that can be found in the product page images, or in the bottom of the description section general credit card survival tool instructions can be found.


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