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DIY Survival Fishing Wallet: Turning an Old Wallet into a Lifesaver

September 28, 2023 0 comments

Survival Fishing Wallet Examples

DIY Fishing Wallet : Your Backup Fishing Kit, or Survival Lifeline

For outdoor enthusiasts, anglers, or anyone with a love for adventure, being prepared for unexpected situations is a golden rule. Imagine having a handy backup fishing kit, inconspicuously hidden within an old or used wallet – a compact, lightweight solution that can come to the rescue during fishing trips or survival scenarios (and lets face it, who doesn't have one, or two.....or ten old wallets stashed around). In this blog post, we'll delve into the incredible world of the fishing wallet and uncover why it's a brilliant idea to transform your old or used wallets into a survival fishing wallet. Get ready to discover how this simple yet resourceful DIY project can turn your ordinary wallet into a lifesaver during those spontaneous fishing escapades or unexpected survival situations.

Fishing Survival Wallet

Advantages of a Fishing Wallet

A Fishing Wallet is Compact and Portable:

The beauty of a fishing wallet lies in its unassuming size and portability. By repurposing your old wallet, you can create a mini fishing kit that easily slips into your pocket or backpack, ensuring you have access to fishing essentials In an emergency, when your out fishing, or just for fun, without weighing you down.

An Instant Backup Fishing Kit:

You never know when your primary fishing gear might fail or get misplaced. Lets face it, accidents happen.  Having a fishing wallet in your pocket, or a backpack as a backup plan ensures you're always prepared to cast your line when the opportunity arises, no matter where you find yourself.

Ingenious Repurposing of Common Items:

Reviving an old, or used,  wallet to serve a new purpose is a great way to minimize waste and promote sustainability. Lets face it, we all have old wallets, some of us have one or two, some of us have ten, but this gives you a reason to get those old wallets back out and use them again for something new! Give your wallet a second life by transforming it into a survival fishing kit, and you'll not only be prepared for outdoor adventures but also contribute to reducing unnecessary waste.

The Fishing Wallet is Versatility at Its Finest:

Your fishing wallet can be tailored to meet your specific needs. Fill it with a hand caster, flys,  fishing line, hooks, floats, and even a few bait options. This versatility ensures you're ready for various fishing scenarios and can enjoy different fishing techniques with ease.

A Survival Fishing Wallet is Stealthy and Inconspicuous:

The fishing wallet's inconspicuous appearance allows you to discreetly carry fishing gear without drawing unwanted attention. It's a clever way to stay prepared without giving away your intentions.

A Fishing Wallet is Ideal for Survival Fishing:

Survival fishing is a crucial skill for anyone spending time in the wilderness. The fishing wallet provides you with the essential tools to procure food in emergency situations, providing a sense of security and self-sufficiency during unexpected challenges.

Lets Make Your Own Survival Fishing Wallet!

We'll guide you through the simple yet rewarding process of creating your very own DIY survival fishing wallet. Get ready to turn your ordinary wallet into a powerful lifesaver, packed with fishing essentials for your next outdoor escapade.

Step 1: Selecting the Right Wallet

Begin by choosing an old or used wallet that you no longer use. Make sure it's in good condition, with enough space to accommodate your fishing gear. 

  • Bi Fold or Tri Fold Wallet - This is a common one, it works great as it has pockets that hold items. They become overstuffed easily, but that's not a difficult problem to solve (we discuss it below) 

Fishing Survival Wallet

  • Velcro, or Zip Up wallet - These work well as a fishing wallet as they can often be overstuffed easily since they have a type of closure

Fishing Survival Wallet

  • Minimalist Wallet - These work deceptively well. You'd think items would fall out easily, but if you utilize items that are credit card size, or small bags or pouches to keep everything from falling out, and the band enables you to store items outside the wallet. 
  • Leather Front Pocket Wallet - These typically only have one or two pockets, they can work if you add a band around them to hold additional items on the outside.

Fishing Survival Wallet

Step 2: Emptying the Contents

Empty the wallet of its previous contents, removing old cards, receipts, and any unnecessary items. This will give you a clean slate to work with.


Step 3: Essential Fishing Gear

Now comes the exciting part – assembling your fishing gear. Consider including a hand caster, fishing line, hooks, floats, and even a few bait options. Keep in mind the size and space limitations of your wallet to ensure it remains compact and easy to carry (but don't worry, if it ends up a little overstuffed we've got that covered below!) 

  • Fishing Hand Line, or Spool - A small spool or compact hand line can store your fishing line, and double as an impromptu fishing reel for your fishing wallet.
  • Fishing Line - We recommend 25 feet minimum, 50 feet is better, coiled up into your wallet. Fishing line is very easy to coil and stores very well. We reccomend utilizing at least two kinds of line both mono and braided line in your fishing wallet. 
  • Hooks - Keep plenty of hooks, these can be tricky to keep so you'll need to use a small pouch, or bag to hold them. There are also great alternatives that hold fishing hooks securely in a flat space that fit into a wallet like a fishing survival card. 
  • Weights or sinkers - Small weights would fit better, larger ones would quickly get bulky. You'll need to store these in a small pouch or container.
  • swivels - You can store these in the same manner as your weights, using a smal bag, or pouch
  • lures - Try to keep these small, and easily manegable like these on the lure card

Step 4: Organizing the Fishing Wallet

Arrange your fishing gear neatly within the wallet. Utilize the various pockets and compartments to keep everything organized and easily accessible. Consider using small resealable bags to keep the fishing tackle tidy and secure, and you might consider marking each compartment for quick identification and access. 

Step 5: Overstuffed or needing more space? 

You can easily fix overstuffing sing a large rubber band, or you can use something like this gear organizer band to hold everything in place easily if your wallet ends up overstuffed. This is particularly useful on bi fold or tri fold wallets, but you can replace the wallet band on a minimalist wallet with something like THIS as well. 

Fishing Survival Wallet


Step 5: Concealing and Staying Low-Key

One of the biggest advantages of the fishing wallet is its inconspicuous appearance. It blends seamlessly with your everyday carry items, and because it's flat you can easily store it in your pocket, or easily in a bag, or backpack. ensuring you can fish discreetly without attracting unwanted attention.

Congratulations! You've successfully created your very own survival fishing wallet 

This DIY project not only saves you money but also encourages resourcefulness and sustainability by repurposing an old or used wallet. Whether you're exploring the great outdoors or preparing for unforeseen emergencies, the fishing wallet ensures you're always ready to cast your line and conquer the wild. Embrace the power of this compact fishing kit and enjoy a newfound sense of preparedness and self-reliance on your outdoor journeys!

Fishing Survival Wallet


For more information on survival fishing, check out our pocket fishing kit blog post HERE

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