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DIY Survival Knife Kit from any Survival Knife Sheath

June 06, 2022 0 comments


Survival Knife Kit on Survival Knife Sheath



One of the first things that everyone reaches for when they are putting together a survival kit is a dependable belt knife. And, with any good belt knife comes a good sheath.

While a knife sheath by itself is great for holding the knife, it can be used for so much more. With the right tools, the area below the belt loop of the sheath (on the front & the back) can easily turn your fixed blade into a Survival Knife Kit.



Reaching for your Survival Knife Kit on Survival Knife Sheath



Make your own Survival Knife kit from any Sheath


As you can see in the photo above, our Bandit Expansion Band and Gear Organizer easily turns any knife sheath into a highly functional survival knife kit. The way you choose to configure your survival knife kit is totally up to you. For me, I like a well-rounded kit that gives me the ability to fish, make repairs, and create cordage.

But, how in the world does all of that fit into something this small? Find out below...


See the "Bandit" Expansion Band here



Survival Knife Kit on Survival Knife Sheath



Front Of The Survival Knife Sheath


Micro Fishing Caster:
The Micro Caster Dog Tag is a minimal & lightweight piece of kit that allows you to always have a fishing option with you. I personally keep mine loaded up with some 40lb Braided Fishing Line. This particular line is great on this caster because it doesn't get as easily tangled as monofilament line. And it can be used for sewing or trapping, a great compliment on a survival knife kit.

Sewing Kit:
Speaking of sewing & repairs, our Sewing Kit Dog Tag packs 4 repair needles, 2 buttons and a few other handy tools into one small, reusable dog tag. I also keep some Braided Fishing Line wrapped around the "thread wrap" of my Sewing Dog Tag.

Survival Fish Hooks:
No fishing kit is complete without fish hooks. This particular dog tag tool packs 6 sizable hooks into an easy, reusable & safe-to-carry package.



Plastic Bottle Rope Maker for your survival knife kit or survival knife sheath



Cordage Making Tool:
I keep a bit of Paracord wrapped around the bottom of my survival knife sheath, but it is simply not enough for some of my tasks outdoors. That's where the Cordage Making Dog Tag comes in. This tool quickly turns plastic bottles into strong, useful cordage and allows me to create something much larger than I could ever carry on my survival knife sheath.


See our Dog Tag Tools here



Other Carry Options for your Survival Knife Kit and survival knife sheath



Back Of The Survival Knife Sheath


Micro Spool Tool:
The Spool Tool is yet another way that I carry useful cordage in my Survival Knife Kit. I switch this out between Braided Fishing Line and Waxed Hemp Rope (for fire starting) depending on what I am doing outdoors.

I "dummy cord" everything to ensure that it doesn't fall off as I'm walking around. You can see in the photo above how I have used some shockcord to dummy-cord the Bandit onto the belt loop of my survival knife sheath. There is absolutely no chance of my sheath kit going anywhere with this.

Small Hand Forged Awl:
Sometimes you need to make a hole in a hearth board or a piece of leather. This Awl comes in handy for that task and it fits perfectly on the back of the Bandit.

Micro Whistle:
Every kit I build typically has something integrated into it for safety purposes. The micro whistle that I've added into this kit is extremely loud and fits perfectly in the small slot of the Bandit. I highly recommend you carry a whistle with you at all times in case you become lost in the outdoors. A whistle will carry further than your voice and be less of a strain on you.



Survival Knife Kit on Survival Knife Sheath



Survival Knife Kit Recap & Gear List


This survival knife kit has been a really fun one to dial in over the past couple of months and I highly encourage you give this a try if you carry a fixed blade with a plain sheath. Here's a quick recap of all of the gear I've used in my survival knife kit...

Grim Bandit (as the "container" for the kit)

Dog Tag ToolsFishing CasterSewing Kit • Cordage Making Tool

Misc Tools:
Micro Spool ToolShockCordSmall AwlMicro Whistle • Braided Fishing LineWaxed Hemp Rope



Survival Knife Kit on Survival Knife Sheath



Survival Knife Kit on Survival Knife Sheath


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