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Bushcraft Kelso • Spotlight & Favorite Features

June 19, 2023 0 comments


One of my favorite things about our Signature Cards are the people behind them...I know, I know - That may sound cheesy, but I'm being honest when I say it. Our industry is full of some of the best people that you will find. Which brings me to our good buddy Bushcraft Kelso...

Kelso is like a magnet for people when he shows up to an event. His booth or campsite are always full of people catching up with him & learning about his latest gadgets & gizmos (and he has a lot of them). So, as you can imagine, Kelso has a pretty stinkin' awesome Grim Signature Card.



Bushcraft Kelso Signature Card


Before we jump into some of my personal favorite features of Kelso's Signature Card, here is a quick overview of its list of features:

  • (x6) Panfish Style Hooks
  • (x3) Small Spears
  • (x1) Large Fishing Spear
  • (x1) Large Fishing Comb
  • (x1) Blade
  • (x1) Drill
  • (x1) Awl
  • (x1) Sewing Needle


See Kelso's Card Here



A few Standout Features


  1. Fishing Spear:
    The Fishing Spear in Bushcraft Kelso's card is incredibly useful for times when fish are in the shallows or along banks (it also works great for frogs). Simply lash this spear to the end of a long, straight, green stick and you have a fantastic gigging pole for securing your next meal.
  2. Drill:
    If you've ever messed around with a bow drill or a hand drill, you will love the Drill Tip in Kelso's Card. This is a small, yet very functional item that helps you bore holes into all types of materials.
  3. Fishing Comb:
    Kelso is an innovative guy - And the Fishing Comb is definitely his brainchild. This is another piece of gear that you can lash onto the end of a green stick. It's uses are as wide as your imagination is willing to go - But here are a few things that you can explore to get started: Pinning reptiles to the ground, grabbing things from a distance, or picking things up out of the fire.


Get Bushcraft Kelso's Signature Card



Best Survival Cards


All of the tools in our Grim Survival Cards are reusable, which make them even better. Each card has an adhesive material that holds everything together. So, all you have to do is: Unsnap the tool you need - Peel it away from the card - Use it - And put it back for the next time you need it.


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EDC Survival Card


Shown above is a pouch that I carry in my pocket, Bushcraft Kelso's Signature Card, a small hank of cordage, and one of my EDC Knives.

At first glance this might not look like much. However, it offers a plethora of options in a very small package. Kelso's Survival Card (paired with some cordage and a primary cutting tool) will allow me to fish or gig for food, make repairs to my clothing or gear, and build other tools. That's a lot of versatility in such a small/lightweight package.


Want Kelso's Card? Get it here.



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About The Author

Based in the Appalachian Mountains, Anthony is a commercial photographer and avid outdoorsman. Whether he's setting up a scene for a photograph or getting things ready to camp, Anthony feels most at home with mud on his boots and a warm campfire burning nearby. Learn more at

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