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Survival Necklace • EDC Urban Survival Kit

June 19, 2023 0 comments


Urban Survival Kit


The majority of Americans find themselves in or around large cities on a daily or weekly basis (whether we like it or not). So, it is no surprise that Urban Preparedness has seen quite the uptick in recent years.

As such, we have created gear that fits perfectly with Urban Survival Kits. In our collection of carefully crafted gear you'll find: Lock picking equipment, emergency escape & evasion gear, and other tools that relate to survival in urban environments.

*Disclaimer: Grim Workshop and the author do NOT advocate for any unlawful use of the products or information in this article. Consult all of your local laws when purchasing or using our products.


Urban Survival Gear



Since Urban Survival is the topic of the day, I wanted to show you all a simple Urban Themed Survival Necklace that I have been working on for the past few months.

This kit is based around our Dog Tag Necklace Tools and a bit of Kevlar Cordage. This Urban Survival Kit is lightweight, quiet, and goes unnoticed when tucked into your shirt.

As you scroll below, you will find a breakdown of the 3 tools that I chose for this Survival EDC Necklace Kit...



Emergency Seat Belt Cutter


One of the first tools that I chose for my Urban Survival Necklace was an Emergency Seat Belt Cutter Dog Tag. As I said in the opening of this article: Most of us find ourselves in urban environments on a pretty frequent basis. And, we get there by driving a car.

This small belt cutter being worn around your neck provides great peace of mind in case things go sideways in your car (pun intended) and you are forced to cut your seat belt off. This is not a moment that you want to start reaching for a knife and potentially stab yourself, instead of cutting your seat belt off.


Get the Emergency Seat Belt Cutter



Emergency Lock Picking Set


Next up, I chose the Emergency Lock Pick Dog Tag. This small, wearable lock picking kit includes: (x2) lock picks, and (x1) double-sided torsion wrench. As you've already guessed - This is for picking locks: Whether for sport or out of necessity.

This small lock picking set can come in handy and save the day if you accidentally brought the wrong set of keys with you. Or if you happened to lose a key to a certain lock.


GET THE Locking Pick Kit



Escape & Evasion SERE Kit


This Mini SERE Kit includes: (x1) Shim Tool, (x1) Handcuff Key, A Saw, File, and Torsion Wrench. That's a lot of functionality packed into 1 single dog tag!

But, why in the world would you need this? For unlawful detainment, that's why. This, along with the kevlar cordage that I mentioned earlier, will allow you to saw through zip-tie or rope restraints and unlock handcuffs...Allowing you to obtain freedom from unlawful and dangerous situations.


GET THE Escape & Evasion SERE Kit


Shown above: Stashing the dog tag tools in a hidden patch pocket.


This is what I came up with for my Urban Survival Necklace (Urban Edition). What will you choose for yours? Shop our Urban Survival Collection of gear by clicking the link below!


See All Urban Survival Gear Here



About The Author

Based in the Appalachian Mountains, Anthony is a commercial photographer and avid outdoorsman. Whether he's setting up a scene for a photograph or getting things ready to camp, Anthony feels most at home with mud on his boots and a warm campfire burning nearby. Learn more at

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