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Callie Russell Alone Signature Card

September 07, 2022 0 comments


Here at Grim Workshop, we are proud to work with some of the best folks in the survival, adventure & outdoor community. And, as you have probably figured out…This article is all about Callie Russell from History Channel’s Show: Alone.



Callie Russell


Callie Russell is a two-time contestant of this popular survival show. Callie made her first appearance in Alone Season 7, lasting a whopping 89 Days in the Great Slave Lake region of Canada (the second longest amount of days in Alone History). And she is currently in the “Alone Frozen” challenge, at the time of this writing.

“Alone Frozen” is the latest season of History Channel’s popular show, where it brings back 6 of Alone’s toughest contestants and gives them a chance to win $500,000. This season is unique because the contestants are immediately thrust into Winter. They are not given any time to pile up firewood, fortify a shelter, or stock food that they’ve gathered or hunted from the land. The upside is…They all have a chance to take home a part of the $500,000 prize if they last 50 Days.

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Callie Russell Alone Signature Survival Card


We are very proud when we see folks that we directly work with being shown on the big screen in shows like this! In fact, Callie Russell and Woniya Thibeault are both in this latest season (we’ll talk more about Woniya’s signature survival card in a future post).

Meet The Crew: Callie RussellWoniya Thibeault

As you can see from the photo above, each Signature Card is different. They are tailored to each individuals unique style and approach toward outdoor living. Callie’s card focuses heavily on food procurement (spring snare triggers, fish hooks, arrow, etc). While her card also features a few useful tools that are sure to help anyone if they are practicing survival skills, or relying on their tools in a real-world scenario (knife, saw, tweezers, etc).

With that said, let’s break down 3 of our favorite tools in Callie Russell’s signature card below…



Featured Use #1: Tweezers


Tweezers are an incredibly useful tool in the outdoors. Tweezers are great for pulling off ticks, removing splinters, loosening stubborn knots from cordage, and they can even be used mini-chopsticks.

Fun-fact: The tweezers were actually added to Callie's card because of her getting porcupine quills stuck in her shoulder that she had trouble removing during her first season on Alone.


Get Callie Russell's Survival Card Here



Featured Use #2: Line Wrap


Cordage in the outdoors is one of your most valuable resources. If you’ve ever made primitive cordage, you know how time-consuming it is. But, Callie Russell’s Signature Card, comes with two cutouts on the left & right side so that it can be used as a stable Line Wrap as shown above.

You can choose what type of cordage you would like to wrap around the card. We typically opt for a braided fishing line. This type of cordage is incredibly strong, abrasion resistant and can be used for fishing, of course, or for multiples types of camp tasks (hunting traps, sewing, lashing sticks together, etc).


See Callie's Survival Card Here



Feature Use #3: Fish Hooks


As you can imagine, one of the biggest struggles on History Channel Alone is procuring food. This is true for any real-world survival situation as well. However, with a couple of fish hooks, some line (see feature #2 above), and a bit of bait that you’ve found, you have a good chance at catching a fish.

We often times keep a dedicated Pocket Fishing Kit in our pocket or EDC Bag, but having a bit of additional fishing tackle in Callie's Survival Card provides added peace of mind.


Buy Callie Russell's Survival Card Here



A Bit About Grim Workshop


  • Our Survival Cards are proudly Made in the USA
  • We are a Family Owned and Operated company out of Texas
  • Our gear is trusted by Outdoor Professionals around the world: Meet the Grim Crew here.
  • Our survival cards and tools are incredibly easy to carry with you, every single day. In the case of Alone Callie Russell’s card: It will easily fit into the credit card slot of any wallet.






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