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Creating the Ultimate EDC Altoids Tin Survival Kit

September 06, 2022 0 comments

Creating a New Generation of EDC Altoids Tin Survival Kit

The Altoids tin survival kit has been around for a long time, they generally include many important items in any survival kit like a knife, fire starting device, etc, however they all have two things in common generally.

  1. The items inside a standard Altoids tin survival kit are typically lackluster at best due to their size limitations and the space they require
  2. Altoids tin survival kit items generally hold only a few items to cover only the most common of situations, and typically of low quality or low durability (razor blades, a couple matches and safety pins come to mind)

At Grim Workshop we resolve both of these issues. Our Survival cards were created to be the same size as a standard credit card, which makes them fit perfectly into an altoids tin survival kit. A pocket sized kit like an altoids survival kit with Grim survival cards has unequaled efficiency and quality. 

Create the Ultimate EDC Altoids tin Survival Kit

Create The Ultimate EDC Altoids Tin Survival Kit !

Generally with a kit as small as an altoids tin survival kit you have to make constant compromises of quality, and quantity, for necessity. Grim Survival Cards allow you to ditch saftey pin fishing hooks, and a bare razor blade or exacto blades from your altoids tin survival kit as now you can store over a dozen Grim Survival Cards within a single altoids survival kit. How many tools is that exactly? well, a dozen Grim Survival Cards can easily put hundreds of highly functional hardened stainless steel tools within this space, this allows you to carry a monster tool box of gear that fits right there in your pocket. To name a few, we have lock pick kits, fishing kits, first aid items, sewing kits, and hunting tools, all sized to fit into a pocket sized survival kit like an altoids tin survival kit. Grim brings the altoids survival kit to a whole other level by:

  1. Removing space as an issue, being able to stack over a dozen of our survival cards, three dozen of our dog tag tools, or a whopping six dozen of our micro tools into an altoids tin survival kit container which is an absolute game changer for altoids tin survival kits
  2. Our tools were designed specifically to be card sized, so we developed the tools within to be utilized that way, rather than making items not intended to be so compact fit within the confines of this small altoids survival kit we instead create them specifically to be best used at this size. This allows us to develop tools that are far superior to most items you’d find within a typical altoids tin survival kit, and create a pocket sized survival kit that can rival that of a backpack of gear.
Create the Ultimate EDC Altoids tin Survival Kit

Why Carry an EDC Altoids Tin Survival Kit?

The bottom line is, a small altoids tin survival kit within a steel tin is smart because they require so little room to provide you with so many tools that could possibly save you time, save the day, or even save a life. You keep a phone charger near by “just in case” or spare money hidden away for the same reason, why wouldn’t you carry tools for emergencies as well, especially when it fits into such a small space.

If you have two you have one, if you have one, your done!

Many people operate under the saying "if you have two you have one" that's because losing an item is all too real a possibility, but when it comes to things like an everyday carry kit, bug out bag, or survival kit, space and weight are all essential considerations, so what do you do? you can't carry two bug out bags worth of gear. This is where the altoids survival kit comes in handy. 

Create the Ultimate EDC Altoids tin Survival Kit

Carry a Bug out Bag in your Pocket

Grim Survival Cards allow you to carry a comprehensive survival kit in an altoids survival kit, that means essential items you might find in a bug out bag, survival kit, or EDC kit can easily be concealed in this altoids tin survival kit. Allowing you to carry a bug out bags worth of items in your pocket, if an emergency occurs, you have those items at your fingertips, once you locate your get home bag, or bug out bag, the tins components suddenly become your #2 of everything that's inside that kit. Simple, yet effective, and you still can keep your primary kits items lightweight and space efficient. This is also handy in case you end up getting separated from your main kit, you'll always have a backup in your pocket this way. 

Create the Ultimate EDC Altoids tin Survival Kit

Make Your Own EDC Altoids Tin Survival Kit

If your wondering how to start on your own Altoids tin survival kit, here's where to start. Each of the items below could fill the entire Altoids tin dimensions on their own, but they can all be combined into one kit just fine using Grim Survival Cards. Some things to consider including in your altoids survival kit would be 

Food Procurement

Altoids Survival Fishing Kit - Some hooks, lures, and fishing line are a great place to start, or you can build an entire altoids tin fishing kit as they are extremely useful for passive food gathering. Typically you see a little pouch with hooks, weights, and lures, but Grim developed fishing kits that are just 1mm thick, and include all those items and more.  You can find a selection of all of Grim Workshops fishing items HERE for your Altoids tin fishing kit!

Create the Ultimate EDC Altoids tin Survival Kit

Altoids Survival Hunting / Trapping Kit - Hunting and trapping are essential during certain times of year when fish might be scarce, or in certain enviornments. Trapping is a fantastic way to ensure you can gather food even when other tasks are pressing on you. Though an entire Altoids hunting kit is common, you can utilize many of the items found in this part of a kit in several different ways especially when your tools are compact. Find our Hunting gear HERE and trapping items HERE to build your altoids hunting kit

Create the Ultimate EDC Altoids tin Survival Kit

First Aid and Repair

Altoids Survival First Aid Kit - First aid items for many situations can easily be included in a small tin like anti diarrheal medication, electrolytes, and pain medication, as well as basic first aid items like bandaids and antibiotic ointment, you might even consider dedicating a single tin to this task though it will take up additional space. You can find our selection of Altoids tin sized first aid items HERE to build your Altoid tin first aid kit!

Create the Ultimate Altoids Tin Survival Kit  or Altoids tin first aid kit with Grim Workshop survival cards

Altoids Tin Sized Cutting Tools - A basic cutting tool is the cornerstone of most survival kits, and something not easily incorporated into an altoids sized kit, often you see razor blades or exacto blades used here, and they just aren’t up to any extended us and a knife is a pivotal part of any survival kit as the knife is the original multitool. A full tang knife (single piece of steel through the entire body) is reccomended for durability as it will most likely take a lot of abuse. Several small basic knives can be found on our survival cards, find our selection of Altoids sized knives HERE to add an altoids tin sized knife to your kit

Create the Ultimate Altoids Tin Survival Kit  or Altoids survival kit with Grim Workshoptin sized knives, and baldes

Shelter Building Items / Cordage - Cordage is the backbone of any survival shelter and another important item that's easily used, but not easily made. You have two options, either carry some cordage in your tin, or carry the items you need to store, or make cordage. Altoids tin survival kit cordage making items can be found HERE

Create the Ultimate EDC Altoids tin Survival Kit

Altoids Tin Repair and maintenance Kit  - Being able to maintain and repair gear is something regularly encountered by anyone who spends much time in the outdoors. If you can't repair your gear, it wont last you very long, and these same items can be used to craft MORE gear that you can utilize. You can find Grim's collection of Altoids tin sized repair and maintenance gear HERE for your Altodis repair kit.

Create the Ultimate Altoids Tin Survival Kit  or Altoids tin repair kit with Grim Workshop survival cards


Altoids Tin Fire Kit Items - Fire means safety, warmth, and food. Fire is one of the most important elements to long term survival, and knowledge of fire starting is a critical piece of information no survival kit should be without. It is highly recommended to keep at least 3 different types of combustion tools within your kit. Often in an altoids sized fire kit you’ll find a few matches, maybe a small ferro rod, and some matches, but with Grim workshop we’ve developed one card that contains an entire fire starting kit. Another excellent option here is a magnifying lens as if the sun is out this item is indefinitely useable allowing you to keep consumable items for emergencies. You can find Grim Workshop's collection of survival tin sized fire starting items HERE for your Altoids fire kit!

Create the Ultimate Altoids Tin Survival Kit  or Altoids tin fire kit with Grim Workshop survival cards

Container - A container is a critical component in a survival kit as they are not easily improvised. As an altoids sized survival kit is not a large container, small plastic bags that are fairly sturdy can easily be found and included in a kit like this and can be used for many tasks like water collection.


Communication - In many survival situations being able to communicate from a distance was the difference in being found, and not. you can find Grim Workshop's collection of items for communication and signaling HERE


Navigation - Navigation is another essential component in any survival kit, if you don't know where you are and you're roaming aimlessly you may be going further from help, rather than closer. A good compass is essential to any survival kit you can find many types of small compact button compasses that also work very well.  

Specialty Items - Specialty items include situational items that go beyond a standard survival kit, generally items like escape and evasion kits, and lock picking sets would be included here. you can find Grim's collection of lock picking, and escape and evasion items HERE

Create the Ultimate EDC Altoids tin Survival Kit


 Your Own Ultimate EDC Altoids Tin Survival Kit

Keep in mind, every person is different, and so is every situation. You have to pack for that, and keep it in mind when creating your perfect altoids tin survival kit. Are you keeping this as a "just in case" item in the bottom of an everyday carry bag, purse, or in your car glovebox? or is this an addition to a bug out bag, or stand alone survival kit for when your outdoors camping, or hiking. An urban survival kit has very different needs than a wilderness survival kit. Keep that in mind when your building any survival kit. 

Check out Grim Workshops entire line of Altioids survival kit items HERE

Check out Grim's selection of Altoids sized tins and containers HERE

Create the Ultimate EDC Altoids tin Survival Kit

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