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Pocket Fishing Kit • Build Your Own Hand line Fishing Kit!

August 05, 2022 0 comments

a pocket fishing kit for hand line fishing and more

Pocket Fishing Kit for Hand Line Fishing


For the longest time, I have tried finding a way to conveniently carry an "EDC Fishing Kit", "Survival Fishing Kit"...or whatever you would like to call it. I have tried some larger “hobo reels” and while they work well, they are better suited for a small pack or stored in a hip pouch.

Getting back to this Pocket Fishing Kit...
My prerequisite for this pocket fishing kit was that it had to easily fit into the 5th pocket ("coin pocket") of my jeans. That is where I had space open in my EDC and that's where I wanted the kit to reside.

So, as I was looking for a way to build an effective Pocket Fishing Kit, I knew the key to nailing it down was to build it around this caster/micro hand line fishing reel that we sell...


See our micro hand line fishing reel here


See the full gear list below



a pocket fishing kit for hand line fishing and more



Why Carry A Pocket Fishing Kit?


  1. For starters, fishing is fun. I cannot tell you the times that I have been driving or hiking and discover a good creek, only to remember that I don’t have any fishing supplies with me. With this pocket fishing kit, I have remedied this problem. I can now fish anytime…anywhere.
  2. Fish is an excellent food source with a ton of nutrients. So, whether you find yourself in a real-world survival situation, or you just want to provide some added protein to your next meal…A mini pocket fishing kit will help you with that.
  3. Quality fishing gear is hard to replicate in an outdoor setting. However, it is very easy to carry a lightweight pocket fishing kit like this one.



a pocket fishing kit for hand line fishing and more



Hand line Fishing Setup


Perhaps we should do a full article about “hand line fishing” in the future…Because it is a worthwhile survival skill to learn. But in the interest of time and to keep this article from going far too long, you essentially use this Micro Fishing Reel like you would when you’re handline fishing reel. 

  1. My preferred method of hand line fishing is to unspool 20+ feet of fishing line…
  2. Dip it in the water to get it wet (I’ve found that it casts better this way)…
  3. Twirl the line in a circular motion at your side (like a lasso). This helps build up some energy for longer casts…
  4. Release/toss the line out in front of you.
  5. Once you feel a fish bite, either pull backwards or up in the air to set the hook.
  6. When the fish is hooked, pull the line and fish towards you. (manage your line as you're reeling it in so it doesn’t get tangled)

There’s really nothing like the feeling of fighting a fish to dry land with a hand line like this! It is a cool experience that makes you pay attention to every little twitch in the line and every turn that the fish makes as it’s coming towards you.

Bonus-Tip: If the water in front of you is not too deep…I highly recommend wading into the water to feel even more connected to this awesome style of fishing!



a pocket fishing kit for hand line fishing and more



Pocket Fishing Kit Gear List


So, you’re interested in handline fishing and building your own Pocket Fishing Kit? Below is a list of our preferred fishing gear to help you build your very own Pocket Fishing Kit!

  • Micro Hand line Fishing Reel / Caster:
    The most important part of your Pocket Fishing Kit is this micro fishing reel. It is what holds your fishing line and it’s how you’ll manage everything while you’re fishing.
  • Dog Tag Hooks:
    These hooks work very well with the dog tag caster mentioned above. These dog tag tools are the same size & will nest very easily together in a tin or on a dog tag fishing necklace.
  • Tin to hold your kit:
    An Altoids "Smalls" tin works great for this kit.
  • Fishing Line:
    SpiderWire Stealth-Braid
    is one of my favorites for these types of kits. Braided fishing line works great on these hand casters and the line can be used for other applications such as sewing. Monofilament fishing line works well too.
  • Other items to consider:
    Basic bait-keeper and Aberdeen hooks (size 4, 6, and 8 work great for panfish). These Trout Magnet bobbers (these are my favorite bobbers since they can easily be taken on or off without cutting your line). Split Shot sinkers (these can easily be added or taken away from a fishing line to control the depth of your bait).
  • Live bait:
    Dig up some worms and you’re ready to catch some fish!



a pocket fishing kit for hand line fishing and more



Have fun with it…
Once you put your pocket fishing kit together, take it out & practice with it. Don’t just let it sit in your pocket. Some folks even like to build a couple of these kits...One to use/practice with and another to keep untouched for those "just in case" moments.


Buy Micro hand line fishing Caster


Mini Fishing Kit and Hand line FishingCaster


About The Author

Based in the Appalachian Mountains, Anthony is a commercial photographer and avid outdoorsman. Whether he's setting up a scene for a photograph or getting things ready to camp, Anthony feels most at home with mud on his boots and a warm campfire burning nearby. Learn more at

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