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Fire Starter Necklace

July 26, 2023 0 comments

Fire Starter Necklace


Necklace Fire Starter

We all know, the best tool is the one you have on you when you need it. And, while it's awesome to have a full-blown fire kit that is ready for Antartica...chances are, this probably won't be with you when you need it. And, that is when a Fire Starter Necklace comes in handy!

Our Fire Starter Necklaces are built around a minimal dog-tag design. This allows you to easily add a ferro rod dog tag and a magnesium dog tag, which will give you a mini fire kit that is easily worn around your neck.




Fire Starter Necklace and Necklace Fire Starters



What should you get?

You can build any type of fire starter necklace that you choose, but here's what I opted for when building my own:
  1. Magnesium Fire Starter Necklace Dog Tag
    Magnesium is an incredible material. It is waterproof, burns extremely hot, and holds itself together when not in use. To use it, all you have to do is scrape the magnesium block into a small pile and hit it with your ferro rod to ignite.
  2. Hot Shot Dog Tag (currently on Kickstarter)
    I am using one of our new Hot Shot Dog tags which includes a ferro rod, built in striker, and saw. This is a great all-in-one fire starting tool that creates hot sparks for igniting magnesium, as well as man-made or natural tinder materials.




Fire Starter Necklace and Necklace Fire Starters



Build your own Necklace Fire Starter

If you don't already have a necklace fire starter, I'd highly recommend building one, practicing with it, and adding it to your EDC. Over the years, I have used mine on a frequent basis and I can't imagine walking out of the house without it at this point. 

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Fire Starter Necklace and Necklace Fire Starters



About The Author

Based in the Appalachian Mountains, Anthony is a commercial photographer and avid outdoorsman. Whether he's setting up a scene for a photograph or getting things ready to camp, Anthony feels most at home with mud on his boots and a warm campfire burning nearby. Learn more at

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