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Introducing SERE Cards: Credit Card Size EDC SERE Kit

November 17, 2022 0 comments

Credit Card Size EDC SERE Kit

credit card lock pick set edc sere kit and escape and evasion kit


Introducing: SERE Kit Urban Survival Escape and Evasion Kit


Whether you're locked out of your house, you've lost a key, you're wanting to get into the sport of locking picking (yes, that's a thing)...Or you're preparing for an unforeseen emergency, our new Credit Card Lock Pick Sets are fantastic options to add to your Everyday Carry.

Our new SERE kit cards contain everything from a lock picking tool kit, to a door/gate bypass tool, and even an emergency escape and evasion kit for unlawful detainment, all designed to be conveniently carried in your wallet, or a small mint tin sized container.



credit card size edc sere kits and mini sere kit escape and evasion kit



Lockpick Hook Card


Hook lock picks are used for single pin lock picking and is precisely that, a method where you raise a single pin at a time, eventually raising them all and opening the lock. single pin lock picking requires a very precise tool, which is why you often only see a single point of contact on these picks. A good lock pick set is a critical tool in an urban escape and evasion kit or sere kit. This method is exceptionally effective and requires quite a bit of practice to use effectively, unlike the rake picks, which are very beginner friendly.

Difficulty Level: Intermediate to Advanced

Primary Function: Picking Locks


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edc sere kit and credit card size mini sere kits or escape and evasion kit



Rake Lock Pick Card


Raking is a beginner-friendly method of lock picking that’s purpose is to manipulate as many pins as possible in the shortest amount of time. This is why rakes have many points on them that come in contact with the pins on the locks. Many of the most effective rakes are the ones that touch many pins in one pass, making this method very beginner friendly.

Difficulty Level: Beginner to Advanced

Primary Function: Picking Locks


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edc sere kits and mini sere survival kits escape and evasion kit



Bypass Card


The Bypass card was designed to open more basic door designs by completely bypassing the lock and going straight for the latch instead.  This tool can also be used to slip gate latches and be dangled over a gate to reach latches further down using the section marked as a Kevlar saw wrap. Kevlar is an extremely durable material that can work to extend your reach and function as a friction saw.

Difficulty Level: Beginner to Intermediate

Primary Function: Bypass door locks and gates


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credit card lock pick set edc sere kit and escape and evasion kit



Escape Card


Sere or escape and evasion kits are designed to give you the tools you need to escape or avoid capture in an emergency. Perfect for people who travel often, aid workers, people in urban areas with increased risk of abduction, home invasions, and more. These tools include items to escape many commonly used types of restraints, including but not limited to handcuffs, rope, zip ties, and padlocks, combination locks, and more.

Difficulty Level: Intermediate to Advanced

Primary Function: Urban Survival


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edc sere kit for urban survival credit card lock pick set edc sere kit and escape and evasion kit



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