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Woniya Thibeault Alone Frozen

October 12, 2022 0 comments

Alone Frozen spoilers are mentioned below. Only scroll down if you're okay with hearing the ending to this season.


Woniya Thibeault Alone Frozen Winner


Woniya Thibeault

Has a Woman Ever Won Alone?


The question has been asked for a while now, "Has a woman ever won the Alone Show?"...

We can now say, yes!! And we want to extend a huge congratulations to one of our own, Woniya Thibeault for winning Alone Frozen Season 1!


Woniya Thibeault 

Alone Frozen Winner : Woniya Thibeault


Woniya Thibeault (Winner Alone Frozen)  is a two-time contestant of the popular survival show, "ALONE". Woniya made her first appearance in Alone Season 6, lasting an impressive 73 Days in the Arctic Circle. And Woniya just wrapped up her experience in the “Alone Frozen” challenge, lasting 50 Days.

Let's do the Math: That's 123 days in the wild BY HERSELF...And that's only for this show. That's not counting the time she spends in the wild on her own time.

She lasted the entire duration of this 50 Day challenge, meaning that Woniya Thibeault is the first woman to win Alone! Not only did she take home an incredible new title, but she won the entire prize totaling $500,000. Congrats, Woniya!

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Woniya Thibeault Alone Signature Survival Card


As we said in Callie's article, we are so proud when we see folks that we work with on shows like this! In fact, Callie Russell and Woniya Thibeault were both in this latest season of Alone...And they both did fantastic!

As you can see from the photo above, each Signature Card is different. They are tailored to each individuals unique style and approach toward outdoor living. Woniya's card focuses on her extensive knowledge of working with buckskin (hide scrapers, fleshing tools and needles). While also giving us a nice toolset for other outdoor tasks (knife, arrowhead for hunting, fish hooks, etc).

Meet The Crew: Callie RussellWoniya Thibeault

With that said, let’s break down 3 of our favorite tools in Woniya Thibeault's Signature Card below…


Woniya Thibeault Alone Frozen


Featured Use #1: Buckskin Fleshing Tool


We love that each of our signature card's speak directly to the experience of the individual it was designed for. And with Woniya Thibeault's signature card, we cannot think of a standout feature that better describes her skill set than the Fleshing Tool.

This tool is fantastic to use when working with buckskin for clothing, footwear or bags (see more about Woniya's buckskin work here). But, it will also double as a fishing lure in a pinch.


Get Woniya Thibeault's Survival Card Here


Woniya Thibeault Alone


Featured Use #2: AWL


An awl might just be one of the most underrated outdoor tools. If you add one to your tool kit, you'll never leave home without it again.

In short, an awl helps you create holes in tough materials such as leather, wood, etc. The large leather sewing awl in Woniya's Signature Card is tailor-made for crafting and sewing.




Woniya Thibeault Alone Frozen Winner


Feature Use #3: Arrowhead


One of the focal points of this survival card, from a visual perspective, is the Woniya "Gratitude" Arrowhead. And let's just be honest...this is the coolest & most convenient way to carry an arrowhead on your person (without stabbing yourself with it).

As you can imagine, the arrowhead in Woniya's Signature Card is directly connected to her extensive knowledge of hunting and working with animals from the land.




Alone Woman Winner


A Bit About Grim Workshop


  • Our Survival Cards are proudly Made in the USA
  • We are a Family Owned and Operated company out of Texas
  • Our gear is trusted by Outdoor Professionals around the world: Meet the Grim Crew here.
  • Our survival cards and tools are incredibly easy to carry with you, every single day. In the case of Alone Callie Russell’s card: It will easily fit into the credit card slot of any wallet.





    Woniya Thibeault Alone


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