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Joe Flowers & Bushcraft Global Signature Card

December 19, 2023 0 comments


Unique Designs...Every Time.

As I mentioned in our post about Bushcraft Kelso's Signature Card, one of my favorite things about our Signature Card Lineup is the people behind the designs. Every designer comes at their own signature card with an individual skillset, a varied set of needs, and a different geological location in which they hone their skills within. This creates a fun variety within our Survival Cards and gives you the opportunity to pick the perfect card(s) for your individual needs.



Joe Flowers

Bushcraft Global


As for today's Signature Card...It comes to you from our buddy Joe Flowers.

  • As a quick intro, Joe Flowers runs Bushcraft Global, where he takes people on epic Jungle Expeditions that they will remember for a lifetime.
  • He has a degree in Zoology and Entomology.
  • Joe is an avid wildlife enthusiast, bushcrafter, and outdoorsman.
  • And to cut a long list short, Joe not only designs Survival Cards with us, He also designs knives for a wide variety of brands including: Condor, TOPS, and an ever-expanding list.


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 Shown Above: Joe Flowers Signature Card and Condor Mini Indigenous Puukko


Joe Flowers Signature Survival Card


As we jump into Joe's Signature Card, here is a quick breakdown of the entire set of tools that it features.

  1. (x1) Drill which can be attached to a stick for drilling holes into wood or other materials. (pro-tip: use as you would a hand-drill for great results)
  2. (x1) Spear for gigging aquatic animals near water.
  3. (x1) Knife with Tick Remover (super cool!) - Everyone needs a blade, right? But, who else has a tick remover built into their knife? I can't think of anyone else.
  4. (x2) Sewing Needles for in-the-field repairs.
  5. (x1) Splinter Removal tool
  6. (x1) Scoop/Scraper - Perfect for scraping wood, hides, or fish scales. 
  7. The sides of the survival card act as a convenient Cordage Wrap (as shown above).

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My 3 Favorite Features

  1. Tick Remover:
    I keep this particular card in my wallet or EDC Bag throughout the Summer for this exact tool. Ticks are a menace...And it's so nice to have a tick remover in the field. This not only makes getting them off of your skin an easier task - But, it prevents the danger of dislodging their head into your skin from improvising with the wrong tool.
  2. Drill:
    I have had an absolute blast with this tool. It is typically pretty hard to drill into wood (precisely, that is) with common bushcraft or survival tools. So, I really enjoy having a small "drill bit" with me, that I can attach onto a thin straight stick and use as a hand-drill.
  3. Spear:
    I spend a ton of time around the water during the warmer months. So, it's nice to have a spear along with me for impromptu frog gigging adventures...Or, if I find myself in a "snaky" area where I might need a long-reaching tool to keep them away (though most snakes slither off at the mere sight of a human).

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 Shown Above: Joe Flowers Signature Card & Condor Terrasaur (a flagship design by Joe Flowers for Condor)


It is always a lot of fun when a designer of a Grim Signature Card is also the designer of other great gear. And that is the case with Joe. I, personally, really like carrying my Joe Flowers Signature Card alongside the Condor Terrasaur (in fact: Joe was carrying this exact knife the first time I met him).

With just a simple full-tang fixed blade and this signature card, I am covered for a wide variety of tasks that I might want to do in the field such as: Improvising fishing & hunting tools, making in-field repairs, crafting projects from wood and other natural materials...The list goes on. 



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All of the tools in our Grim Survival Cards are reusable, which make them even better. Each card has an adhesive material that holds everything together. So, all you have to do is: Unsnap the tool you need - Peel it away from the card - Use it - And put it back for the next time you need it.

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About The Author

Based in the Appalachian Mountains, Anthony is a commercial photographer and avid outdoorsman. Whether he's setting up a scene for a photograph or getting things ready to camp, Anthony feels most at home with mud on his boots and a warm campfire burning nearby. Learn more at

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