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The Survival Necklace: What is it, and How Do you Make One?

January 10, 2023 0 comments

The Survival Necklace: What is it, and How Do you Make One?

Do you know what a survival necklace is? It’s a necklace that serves as a miniature survival kit in case of emergency. A necklace survival kit can be incredibly useful and give you peace of mind. In this blog post, we’ll take a look at what a survival necklace is, why you should consider making one, and how to make a survival necklace of your own. Read on to learn more about how you can make your own necklace survival kit!


Survival Necklace survival jewelry



A survival necklace is basically a necklace tool kit, They can be very lightweight, compact and worn every day, or a more heavyweight comprehensive survival kit you wear under certain circumstances. It can include helpful things such as multi wrenches, knife sharpeners or repair items or life saving items such as a survival fishing kit, fire starters, a whistle, compass, knife  and more! Depending on the design, some survival necklaces even include items such as an LED flashlight, space blanket, mirror or magnifying lens. By combining multiple items into one small device like this, and making it wearable it allows you to have access to all the necessary tools for a given situation or emergency without having to take up too much space or have access to your primary kit of gear


Survival Necklace survival jewelry



To make your own survival necklace first you need to decide one of two things.
Survival necklace Type:
1. Is this a stand alone survival necklace
2. does this attach to another item already on a necklace (like a neck knife, or compass that's on a necklace).

A Few Necklace Materials Options:
Leather - A timeless option, leather is extremely strong so be sure to add a breakaway clasp. Leather can also rot sometimes if worn everyday.
Ball Chain - Ball Chain is highly durable, lightweight, and reusable it can be broken down and used for other projects.
Paracord - Very Strong be sure to add a breakaway clasp, paracord can be used to improvise fishing lures, or you can remove the inner strands to improvise fishing line and more.
Kevlar Cord - Extremely strong, lightweight, and durable use a breakaway clasp. Kevlar cord is extremely durable and can double as a lightweight saw in an emergency.


Survival Necklace survival jewelry



The items you include in your survival necklace are highly personal and specific to your strengths/weaknesses or whatever situations your trying to take into consideration. Some items are even designed specifically with the intention of being on a survival necklace the Grim Workshop DOG TAG TOOLS for example were designed with this purpose in mind, and created with the intention of being put onto a necklace. Tools to be included into a survival necklace would typically need to be small, lightweight, and compact. Some tasks you might want your survival necklace to be able to accomplish might be  firestarting, cutting rope/cordage, sharpening pencils or sticks, and more. Some common tools to include on a survival necklace that might fit these needs are a pocket knife, ferro rod, whistle, paracord, magnifying glass, compass, needle & thread etc. Depending on your skill set some more specialized tools like multi-tools or screwdrivers might also come in handy. Whatever tools you decide to use, when putting them together onto your EDC necklace, tactical tool necklace, tactical necklace or tool necklace; always remember that form should follow function and safety should always come first when picking out necklace tools and pieces of jewelry!


Survival Necklace survival jewelry


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