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What is a Survival Card, and Why You Should Carry One.

August 30, 2021 0 comments

Why Carry a Survival Card?


Have you ever been in the middle of a task, reach for a tool, and it's not there? You misplaced it, someone borrowed it, or any other number of things could have happened to it. This is something that's happened to all of us, so everyone can understand how easily things get forgotten, misplaced, lost, or stolen. Imagine how easily that could happen in an emergency, man-made or natural, in the wilderness, or an urban location. Things get lost, misplaced, stole, and forgotten. That's where a EDC Survival Card comes in. If you've got your wallet, you've got space for your emergency, tool, or survival kit.

But first, let's back up a little and learn about what a Grim Survival Card IS exactly.

What is a Survival Card?

A Grim Survival Card is a credit card-sized tool kit that includes several items to complete a task, for instance, fishing, hunting, first aid, lockpicking, repair, and more. Grim Workshop is the only Survival Card manufacturer to create so many different types of Survival Cards (over two dozen kinds). Though some cheap knock-offs are out there, and unlike these cheap one and done tools Grim Survival Cards are all made from American Sourced hardened stainless steel, so they're extremely durable and can take a beating. Grim Survival cards are the same size as a credit card and weigh almost the same as a credit card, so there's no excuse not to carry one with you at all times since they add options, with virtually no weight or space sacrificed.

Why Should I Keep a Survival Card With Me?

Emergencies can happen quickly and often without notice, that's why they're called emergencies. You don't always have time to run home or run to your car, sometimes only the items you've already got with you are all you have to depend on. That's why Survival Cards are so amazing; you never have to think about remembering them consciously; you just grab your wallet or purse and go your always prepared for the unexpected. It doesn't matter if you accidentally lock yourself out of your office or house (Lock Picking Card), Need to Repair a rip in your pants at the campsite or the workplace (Sewing Card), find yourself lost in the wild (Bushcraft Card) or if you've got a splinter that needs to be removed (Tweezer Card) Grim Workshop's got a survival card for just about every situation.


Are Survival Cards Reusable?

Grim Survival Cards Are! Most cheaply made Survival Cards are one and done items; that's why they are made from cheaply made materials. Grim Survival Cards are all reusable, thanks to our custom-designed Tool Retention System on the back of every Card. This Tool Retention System is unique to Grim Workshop's tools. It is non-magnetic and non-adhesive based, so that means you don't have to be worried over tools sliding off, de-magnetized credit cards, or sticky adhesive on you or your gear. Grim's Tool Retention System was specially designed to stick to our gear, and that's it.

Never Be Caught Unprepared

The bottom line is, you never want to be caught in that "where did I put that important item" moment in an emergency, be it a natural disaster, or man made, in the city, or the wilderness. If you've got room for a credit card, you've got room for a Survival Card, and if you've got a survival card, you've still got options.


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