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Altoids Fire Kit

April 05, 2024 0 comments


A quick google search will reveal that Altoids Survival Kits are a pretty big deal. And this isn't a short-lived fad either. We have all built one of these kits and they continue to be a staple in many outdoor kits, at one level or another.

Some people challenge themselves to use these tiny survival kits as their primary means of surviving. While others use them as supplements to a larger outdoor kit. I, personally, fall into the supplemental side of this equation for my Altoids Survival Kits. No matter what side you're on, I believe we can all agree, they are a ton of fun!

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One Altoids Survival Kit that I've been very intrigued by, as of late, has been the Altoids Fire Kit. It can be a highly functional fire kit if you add the right gear into it.

My "GRIM-ified" Altoids Fire Kit contains...

  • The Tin:
    I am using one of our Steel Storage Tins, which is the same overall size as an Altoids Tin. The tin itself is a great container for my kit. But, I can also make charred material for follow-up fires in it. As well as build a small fire in it to dry out larger materials during inclement weather.
  • Hot Shot Fire Card:
    I am still using my O.G. Hot Shot Card in this particular kit (the 2.0 is even better). But, the premise of this piece of kit remains, I have a secondary cutting tool, a ferro rod, some magnesium, and a saw in a compact package.
  • Fire Starting Kit: I have also kept a few items from our Fire Starting Kit in my Altoids Fire Kit.
    - Spartan Fire Tinder Card (surefire tinder)
    - Fresnel Lens (for solar ignition of charred material)
    - A backup ferro rod & striker
    - Pyro Putty (accelerant-based tinder)
  • Room for more...
    The kit above will definitely get you started. But, you can, of course, add more to this tin if you'd like. I, personally, like to squeeze a Mini BIC Lighter into my kit, space permitting.

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Why would you want an Altoids Fire Kit?

  • A kit like this will start fires in a wide variety of ways.
  • Ferro rods & magnesium are fantastic in high-wind, cold-weather, and wet environments.
  • Solar ignition methods (i.e. the fresnel magnification lens) will never run out of fuel. As long as you have the sun and some charred material or punk wood, you can create an ember to nurse into a flame.
    Pro-tip: You can also use a high-lumen flashlight to get an ember in some cases as well.
  • The tin will last you a very long while, even under the stress of a real survival scenario. You can toss it into the fire to make charred material, mix up medicinal herbs, and so much more.

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As I said at the beginning of this article, Altoids Survival Kits are a TON of fun to put together. And they're even more fun to go out and train with. So, let's hear it, what will you put in your Altoids Fire Kit from our collection of gear?

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About The Author

Based in the Appalachian Mountains, Anthony is a commercial photographer and avid outdoorsman. Whether he's setting up a scene for a photograph or getting things ready to camp, Anthony feels most at home with mud on his boots and a warm campfire burning nearby. Learn more at


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