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Adze Card "How To": Everyday Carry Axe

April 05, 2024 0 comments


There are certain kits that an axe just doesn't fit into, whether it is a lightweight backpacking kit or a minimal haversack kit. That’s where an Everyday Carry Axe really shines. And that’s what I’ll be talking about in today’s article.

Our Axe Card (otherwise known as the Adze Card) only weighs a few ounces compared to several pounds, so it will fit into any kit that you’re planning. And you will have a fun project to complete right out of the box...Crafting the handle!



Our Axe Card fits into something as small as a wallet so you can have it with you every single day. Or you can toss it into a possible pouch until you need to assemble it for use.

Another strongpoint of our Adze Card is that it only requires a couple of additional materials to be assembled. In fact, the only thing that I carry along with my ax card, in order to assemble it in the field, is a roll of #18 or #36 bank line and I source the stick from whatever landscape I am in.

See the Adze Ax Card



Shown Above: My Adze Card and Hot Shot Fire Kit


How to make your own axe handle: Making your own axe handle for our Adze Axe Card is very easy...

  • I start off by choosing a stick that is a little larger than the diameter of my thumb. I can easily beaver chew my way through the stick with the Axe Card and process it to my desired length from there. Or, I can use a small folding saw if I have one with me.
  • After I have my stick cut to length, I make a small split in the end of the stick by batoning the Axe Card into it. I then seat the ax card as close to center within the top of the stick as I can. 
  • To finish things off, I secure the Axe head using a simple "wrapping and frapping" method with my bank line. Don’t get too caught up on what method of knots you use. Just make sure it is very secure...your new Axe is gonna take a beating!

Check out the Adze Ax Card



Shown Above: The top wraps secure the axe head onto my handle. While the bottom wraps keep the stick from splitting any further.


Why have an Everyday Carry Axe?

Knives are not the best or safest tool to chop with.  But, this small Axe does a great job for chopping tasks. The compact Axe Card also gives me a secondary cutting tool without taking up too much room or adding much weight to my kit.

Again, axes are heavy and you might not always have one with you when you need it. But, while the ax card is not going to replace a full size axe , it does give me an advantage when I need to do certain tasks in the outdoors.

Check It Out




Some fun things to do with your Axe Card…

  • Build a fire with nothing but your Axe Card and a Ferro Rod or our Hot Shot Fire Card.
  • Carve a spoon using the Axe Card as your rough-cut chopper and a knife for the detailed finishing work.
  • Use the Axe Card as a hand tool for processing some wild game or natural resources.
  • Make your own blade mask from natural resources.

Buy the Adze Card



If you are looking for a fun and versatile tool to add to your EDC or outdoor kit, give our Axe Cards a look. As with all of our cards, the Axe Card is always with you in a pinch when other tools might be left in the truck or back at home due to weight or space constraints. And most importantly, have some fun with this one!



About The Author

Based in the Appalachian Mountains, Anthony is a commercial photographer and avid outdoorsman. Whether he's setting up a scene for a photograph or getting things ready to camp, Anthony feels most at home with mud on his boots and a warm campfire burning nearby. Learn more at

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