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12 Reasons you Haven't Gotten a Grim Survival Card.....yet.

September 29, 2023 0 comments

Title: 12 Reasons You Haven't Gotten a Grim Survival Card......Yet

Are you still on the fence about getting a Grim Survival Card? Maybe you've heard about it but haven't taken the plunge. Well, you're not alone, and we're here to address the 12 common reasons people hesitate to grab one of these compact and versatile survival tools and dispel your worries! Let's dive in and clear up some misconceptions, answer burning questions, and help you understand why a Grim Survival Card should be an essential part of your everyday carry, survival kit, or bug out bag.

1. "I Didn't Know About Grim Survival Cards"

First things first, let's address what is a survival card exactly.

You didn't know that Grim Survival Cards exist? It's okay if you didn't because your here now! Survival Cards are compact credit card size kits designed for various uses from first aid, to lock picking, fishing, sewing, and more. Some survival cards are designed around specific tasks, some are designed as complete kits that can do dozens of different things. For more you can check out this article!  Now that you know, are you intrigued?

2. "Aren't These Single Use Tools?"

One common misconception we hear is about the reusability of Survival Cards.

You might wonder, "What if I need to use it again?" Rest assured, Grim Survival Cards are all reusable thanks to our custom-designed tool retention system. Each item can be removed from the survival card, and put back for the next time you need it! 

3. "Aren't They Made from Cheap Thin Metal?"

Some skeptics worry about the durability of Grim Survival Cards.

You might ask, "Aren't these made from cheap, thin metal that won't hold up?" Quite the opposite! Each Grim Survival Card is carefully designed to be as compact as possible, yet still get the job done and then some! We use materials that range from 1/8" thick all the way down to a quarter millimeter depending on their function so each tool has it's metal, and it's thickness carefully considered as part of the design process. made from materials ranging from 304 stainless steel, to high carbon spring steel, and other materials Grim Survival Cards are fully hardened to their maximum toughness for strength and durability. These cards are designed to withstand the toughest challenges life has to throw at you, yet still be discreet.

4. "Aren't They Too Small to Be Useful?"

Size matters, right? Well, yes and no.

You might think, "Aren't these too small? You can't use the items in them." The truth is, each tool was carefully designed around the idea of being small, yet still functional and we've carefully crafted each item to function just like its larger counterpart. Size doesn't limit their functionality.

5. "These Aren't Real Survival Kits, Are They?"

Some people think these are just a novelty, so let's clear that up.

You might question, "These aren't real survival kits, are they?" Actually, Grim Survival Cards were designed with some of the world's leading survivalists and instructors, people who don't casually put their names, or their stamps of approval on things, especially products that could be used in an emergency. People like Bob Hansler, Dave Canterbury, Zachary Fowler, Dr. Mark Merriwether, and more. 

6. "I Won't Really Ever Need It Will I?"

Some people believe they won't find themselves in a situation to need a Survival Card.

You might say, "I don't think I'll ever need it." While we hope you never do, being prepared is about planning for the unexpected. Military, First Responders, Boy Scouts, and Teachers, all carry Grim Survival Cards, for different reasons, which is why we have cards designed to specific purposes (some which happen daily) all the way to specialty cards for extremely unique situations.. Having a Grim Survival Card handy can make a world of difference in unforeseen circumstances.

7. "I Already Have a Bug Out Bag or Survival Kit"

If you already have survival gear, you might think, "I'm all set. But Remember, Pounds are Pain"

You might feel that you're well-equipped with your existing gear, but Grim Survival Cards are designed to complement your kit. They provide an additional layer of convenience and functionality that puts what you need, where you need it most, which is with you. What good does all the survival gear in the world do if it can't be with you at the time you need it most. Grim Survival Cards ride in your wallet, pocket, or altoids size tin, and lets not forget they weigh next to nothing, and can actually SAVE space, and remove weight in a kit! 

8. "I'm Not into "Survival Gear""

You don't have to be! Not everyone is, and that's okay we don't just make "survival gear" we make gear to survive your daily life.

You might say, "I'm not into survivalism." That's completely fine. Grim Survival Cards aren't just for hardcore survivalists; they're practical tools for anyone who values preparedness and practicality in their daily lives. Items like tweezers, wrenches, sewing kits, pry tools, small knives and more are all practical items many people use everyday. Grim Survival Cards are designed to help you survive the moment, the day, or maybe even survive a disaster. Tools for urban situations like lockouts, items for basic first aid like small cuts while your out on the go, items for repairing clothing while your out and about, or even items to help light the way when you can't find your keys Grim Workshop has a Survival Card for everyone.

9. "I'm Concerned About TSA Regulations"

If you travel frequently, you might have concerns about TSA regulations.

You could be thinking, "Can I carry a Grim Survival Card when flying?" It's essential to check the current regulations, but many travelers have successfully taken these cards on flights without issues. Always verify the rules beforehand, but many of our EDC tools without sharp objects or blades are perfectly fine for travel.

10. "I Don't Know How to Use All the Tools"

Some folks worry that they won't know how to use all the tools, or that they're not knowledgeable enough to use them and that's okay, everyone starts somewhere!

You might wonder, "What if I don't know how to use them?" Grim Survival Cards come with basic instructions, and many online resources provide tutorials and tip cards available, with more coming out every day. Learning how to use them can be part of the adventure after all, knowledge is power!

11. "I'm Concerned About Maintenance"

Maintenance is an important aspect to consider, but don't worry we've got you covered!

You might think, "What about maintenance?" The good news is that Grim Survival Cards require minimal upkeep. Most of our cards are created with this in mind using materials with incredible corrosion resistance and durability. Keep them clean and dry, and they'll be ready when you need them.

12. "I'm Worried About the Cost"

Lastly, let's address cost concerns.

You might be worried about the price, however each survival card represents pounds of equipment designed to be so small and compact it can fit into your wallet. Often, adding up the cost of the full size counterparts to the items in the survival card, your actually saving quite a bit! Carefully crafted in the USA from top quality materials and designed to be reusable, when it comes to your safety, or well-being, some things are worth every penny. Each Grim Survival card is designed, prototyped, and manufactured in the USA. We go the extra mile to harden each card for added durability and strength, then add our tool retention system making every item reusable. 



Now that we've tackled these common concerns and answered your questions, are you ready to get a Grim Survival Card? Remember, preparedness isn't about fear; it's about confidence and peace of mind. Having one of these versatile tools in your pocket can make all the difference in unexpected situations whether your in the office, at your house, on the go, or in the wild. So, why haven't you gotten a Grim Survival Card yet?

As always if you have any other questions, concerns, or just some good o'l feedback for us we're always here to listen, or offer advice! You can contact us on any of our social media channels, or via our contact us page

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